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Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Edinburgh have on hand fitters, who are professionals devoted to providing advanced burglar alarms to Edinburgh and surrounding area. Further, we not only install but further maintain and monitor your Alarm to ensure high security. Further, Alarm Titus Alarm & Burglar Alarm Installation Edinburgh are top experts in safety systems with years of industry knowledge in both the domestic and commercial sector.

Our Services

At Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Edinburgh, we promise to deliver you with a comprehensive alarm system, irrespective of your home or business type. As well as that, we offer all the upgrades and maintenance needed to make sure your system is fully functional.

Moreover, we provide a variety of upgrades which can be customized exclusively to your requirements. Including, panic alarm/medical button, movement and door sensors, a smart-phone app for remote observing and a wire-free keypad. Irrespective of your demands, we promise to meet them. Also, all customers aged 65 or over will get a 10% discount.

Further, if you currently have an alarm system fitted, we can still deliver you with our knowledge. You can contact us for a free call-out where we will evaluate your system and deliver any maintenance necessary.

Why select Burglar Alarm Installation Edinburgh

All of our technicians at Titus Alarm are entirely qualified and skilled. Thanks to our enormous amounts of knowledge in the business, we can offer maintenance for a variety of problems.  Further, we cannot stress how vital it is to have routine maintenance tests for your alarm system as even the top quality systems can encounter issues. For instance, you may suffer electrical issues or power cuts which can cause your alarm system to collapse. Also, our engineers are completely outfitted with a variety of spare components for all local burglar alarm fixes.

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All our alarms are sophisticated and have been validated, while always scoring above trade standards.  Therefore, you can unwind knowing we safeguard your home; we provide both internal and external protection. Also, we are the business for you- we are reliable, cost-effective and rapid. Above all, with no hidden duties, we are delighted to deliver you a free evaluation of your Alarm. If you have any queries concerning our CCTV services, or you are considering getting CCTV- book an appointment Today. Call us today on 0131 278 3303.


Edinburgh History

When the Romans arrived in Lothian at the end of the 1st century AD, they found a Brittonic Celtic tribe whose name they recorded as the Votadini. Also, the Votadini transitioned into the Gododdin kingdom in the Early Middle Ages, with Eidyn serving as one of the kingdom’s districts. During this period, the Castle Rock site thought to have been the stronghold of Din Eidyn, emerged as the kingdom’s major centre. Further, the medieval poem Y Gododdin describes a war band from across the Brittonic world who gathered in Eidyn before a fateful raid; this may describe a historical event around AD 600

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