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Over the years, the knowledgeable team of safety experts at Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton have operated alongside a variety of local and industrial properties. Also, we can assist you to enhance the safety of any building or capacity. Thanks to our market-leading burglar alarms in Bolton, you’ll be able to avoid access through closing hours. Further, Burglar alarms are a useful option for all types of situations, including homes and businesses.

Thanks to these intruder alarm systems, you’ll be capable of keeping your building safe from unauthorised access. Therefore, this is vital when it comes to avoiding burglary and anti-social conduct across your home or business. Further, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton aren’t merely “one-size-fits-all” models. As An Alternative, our squad will work with you to provide useful and customised solutions for your property’s requirements.


About Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation  has over 25 years experience in the safety industry and offers customised installations that are designed to suit your requirements and budget.

Whatever your obligation, from wired and wireless alarm systems, fob entry and intercom systems or distant view CCTV systems, we can recommend you a skilled, competitive service.


Wired Alarms

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation  proposal service, restoration and installation of the newest in wired alarm technology. Additionally, Titus Burglar Alarm Installer Bolton can also upgrade current wired systems using your current wiring infrastructure. Should you want to extend we also propose hybrid alarms, which incorporate your current wiring as well as offering wireless zones.


Wireless Alarms

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation  have certification partnerships with the market-leading wireless alarm manufacturers. Further, Titus Burglar Alarm  Bolton can present you with a no wires, no mess and no fuss system service with one of our wireless systems.

Smart Alarms

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton are fitters of the worlds market-leading smart alarm systems, available in both wired and wireless systems. Obtain notifications and control your system via a smartphone app from anywhere.

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Importantly, call Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton for more expert info on safeguarding your home, and joining the Alarm safety driver versus crooks.  Notably, we are a county company, been working in Bolton for many years. Moreover, our image is excellent and dependable for our residents and consumers throughout the area.  Furthermore, we would welcome the opportunity to make sure your home is secure and provide this at a cost-effective price. Call us on 01204 324 038

Areas Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Bolton Cover

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Bolton
  • Chorley
  • Leyland
  • Liverpool
  • Euxton
  • Manchester
  • Oldham
  • Ormskirk
  • Preston
  • Southport
  • St Helens
  • Warrington


A tradition of cottage spinning and weaving and improvements to spinning technology by local inventors, Richard Arkwright and Samuel Crompton, led to the rapid growth of the textile industry in the 19th century. Also, Crompton, whilst living at Hall I’ th’ Wood, invented the spinning mule in 1779. Mainly, streams draining the surrounding moorland into the River Croal provided the water. Necessary for the bleach works that were a feature of this area. Further, bleaching using chlorine was introduced in the 1790s by the Ainsworths at Halliwell Bleachworks. Bolton and the surrounding villages had more than thirty bleach works including the Lever Bank Bleach Works in the Irwell Valley.

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