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The most frequently asked questions about alarms

Yes! Properties with alarm systems installed are 3 to 4 times less likely to be targeted by thieves, as potential robbers can see the alarm box outside the house. Burglaries are more predominant in places without security systems because there is less risk and they have less chance of being caught.It is possible to have both an alarm system and a CCTV system to deter miscreants.
SSAIB is the spokesperson and self-regulatory body of the Security Industry and its membership requirements inherently involve a high level of business ethics, standards and industrial award compliance. The benefits of selecting an SSAIB member as your security provider are that they can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that the level of electronic security they deliver meets industry standards and code of ethics. The SSAIB carry out a strict annual audit of its members to ensure they are adhering to all guidelines.
Regular testing of the smoke alarms helps determine how often they need to be replaced. Annual or six monthly testing means that we check that the alarm functions and it is not past its expiry date. All alarms have a 10-year life and need to be replaced after 10 years. If the alarm does not respond to the testing process, we will replace it as part of the service we provide.It is essential every home or residence has a properly functioning smoke alarm. It saves lives.
There are different alarm types that have different battery life.  Some alarms have a 10-year lithium battery which means if the alarm does not pass the function test, it would be replaced.  If your alarm is a hard-wired or battery alarm, battery life varies which is why it is a good idea to replace batteries every year. 
All rental properties are required by law to have working smoke alarms. This means they need to be tested at least once per year, so that if there is a fire, they alert you or your family to take immediate action. They also should have the batteries replaced annually and make sure there is nothing that is obstructing the laser in the alarm. In Scotland all properties must have at least one smoke alarm installed.
Good lighting is important when considering a CCTV system. Care must be taken with the selection of cameras for its light sensitivity and lens type. Without correct lighting, your CCTV surveillance system may not work as efficiently. However there are Infra red illuminators that are available to assist in poorly lit areas providing a night vision capacity to your video surveillance camera. With the new technology we are almost always installing night vision cameras.
The battery in a battery powered alarm supplies the power for the alarm to function. Without a battery your alarm would not work. Hard wired alarms have a battery backup in case the power is cut to the alarm in instances of a blackout. All alarms must have a power source of some kind. Hard wired alarms were always said to be the best, however with new technology the battery powered alarms are of excellent quality
If your alarm is a battery alarm, the alarm may chirp every minute or so for about 20 minutes, then it will generally stop.  Some alarms have a 10-year lithium battery, which means it cannot be replaced.  If the lithium alarm does not respond to the testing process, your whole alarm will require to be replaced.  If your alarm is hard-wired the battery is there to provide backup in case, there is no power.  This means if the power is cut, the alarm will still still sound alerting you.
All businesses should have an alarm system expertly installed by professionals.This can range from a small and simple system for a home-based business to a higher grade solution covering multiple sites and solutions.We offer a free estimate should you widh to have an alarm or CCTV system installed. It may also help reduce your insurance.
Your Intruder Alarm security system should be maintained once per year as a minimum with no more than thirteen months between visits. We recommend that your back-up battery is replaced every 2 years. We offer maintenance packages to suit your budget and requirements.
Yes! in most cases the Insurance companies know that you are less likely to be burgled or broken into if a security system is installed. This is because insurance companies are less likely to have to pay out large insurance claims on stolen or damaged property and are willing to give significant discounts to their customers that install security systems in their residences. The level of discount depends on the particular insurance company and before making any decisions you should seek accurate advice regarding discounts from a potential Insurance provider 
Most hard wired alarm systems will take approximately one full day for an average single-storey home, and approximately two days for larger two-storey homes. Fitting times for battery powered alarms can be quicker as there no cables to be installed. For business and commercial premises, installation times will vary greatly depending on the type of alarm or CCTV system used and the size of the premises.
When an alarm is triggered from your premises, the alarm system will automatically dial the 24 hour control room, sending your system’s information through the phone line. The signal is relayed by a highly technical computer, which alerts the control room operator that a signal has been received from your residence. Immediate action is taken in accordance to the type of alarm (burglary, fire, panic, medical, etc.) and in compliance with your own specific requirements as a Cusromer. We offer a free estimate to quote for this service as well.
A local alarm is designed to make a noise to deter any potential thieves by setting off the sirens if an intruder enters your premises and activates the alarm. It is then up to your neighbours or passers by to investigate the cause of the alarm, and contact the police or in some instances, ignore the alarm activation. This, of course, is dependent on your neighbours being present at home at the time. A monitored alarm system not only makes a lot of noise, but at the same time communicates to a 24 hour control room. The control room staff can then contact police, as well as notify the appropriate authorities as specified by you. This kind of system offers you a much higher level of security.It all depends on your circumstances, which is suitable for you, although the monitored system is more expensive.
All modern alarm systems come complete with a dependable, durable back-up battery, which will continue to run the alarm system without power for many hours. When power has been restored to the property, the alarm system will recharge the battery – in most cases to the same condition it was before the power failure occurred. Should you have a monitored alarm system, the alarm would send a signal to the 24 hour control room that the power is off. The correct action can then be taken. .
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