At Titus Fire & Security we think that it’s all about attention to detail and professional integrity when keeping you, your family, your organization and your property safe.

We are your one-stop fire alarm company, with reliable and fast service and years of experience in the fire industry.
The UK law demand that all public and commercial buildings retain a minimum level of fire alarm and protection equipment and that it be maintained to accredited standards. With the many demands on your time the last thing you need is yet another problem to worry about.
We provide specialist fire protection knowledge and can answer your questions promptly and efficiently.
Utilising the latest technology and a highly skilled and experienced team, we consult, design, install and maintain active and passive fire detection systems in commercial and industrial properties throughout the whole UK.
We are always striving to keep you one step ahead of the latest standards with the newest technology on the market and with competitive pricing comparable to the large national companies. Whether you’re in the commercial, industrial or residential sectors.
No job is too big or too small for us.
Titus Fire & Security is focused on providing the most effective fire prevention plan for your individual needs.
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