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Door Entry Systems for Residential & Businesses


Titus Fire and Security is committed to your safety. Security Entry systems are essential to ensure that your home is safe from unwanted guests. We provide multiple different kinds of entry systems:

  • Single Call button audio only entry systems
  • Single Call button video only entry systems
  • Multi apartment digital systems

These systems come with built-in access control. They are vandal resistant and are available in laser cut versions as well


Video Entry System

For video entry systems, the access panel can be installed by flush or surface mounting them adjacent to the main entrance door. If its being installed for multi apartment entry system, then the panel will have as many call buttons as there are apartments in the building. In case of a single bell entry system, it will only have one call button. The panel comes with built-in speech unit as well as a high resolution camera module.

Inside the door, an electric latch keeper or an electro magnetic lock is installed. This is the main form of securing the door. Installed adjacent the door internally will be an egress button and an emergency break glass unit
A control unit and power supply unit c/w backup battery supply is installed in the entrance area. In the apartment, there will be an video handset c/w a lock release button and LCD display.

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Audio Entry System

The entrance panels for audio entry systems installed by us are usually surface mounted adjuscent to the main entrance, similar to how the video systems are installed. The panel can be adjusted to have either multiple call buttons for multi apartment systems or a single one for a house. Built into the panel is the speech unit.

The audio entry system has all the features of the video entry system, with the exception of having only the headset installed inside the house.


Biometric Entry

Biometric entry systems are some of the best ways to ensure you and your families safety. It discards the risk of stolen keys and cards, security breaches in business areas and unauthorized trespassing. It also enables you to control and monitor who enters and leaves the building/house. They are a cost efficient as well as highly secure.
The systems are installed on the main entrance and are connected to an application/software where you can add or remove the fingerprints as per your convenience. If you are unsure about which system will work best for your building or house, you can click here to get free site survey and advice.


Proximity Lock

The best way to secure your building against key-pickers and break-ins is by getting proximity locks. Based on the industry standard EM proximity chip, our Proximity cards provide a cost effective solution. All our proximity door access systems are cost effective and highly secure and safe. Our keyfobs are available in a number of formats- to learn more about them, you can call 0800 151 2831 or Click Here to reach us by email.
Our comprehensive range can be customized to suit your needs. We also provide card entry systems which enable protection through the use of smart cards.

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