Protect your pets and your home

We can help protect your pets and your home with our pet-friendly alarm sensors and house alarms suitable for pets. Whether you have dogs, cats, both, or any other type of pet, the chances are they’re going to roam your home until you’re home. A pet sensing you arriving home is enough to set your alarm off, and that’s where our burglar alarms come into their own.

If you’re looking for the best burglar alarm for cats or dags, then we can help. Animals up to 35Kg (85lb) can be covered by using a combination of optional accessories.

Pet Friendly Alarms. Do They Work?

Pet and intruder alarm systems are a must for protecting your pets from intruders. Our  alarms detect unusual motion within certain rooms of your home – our PIRs can be calibrated to ignore different sizes and shapes responsible for the movement. We often set up our alarms to only work above a certain height.

This ensures your dogs and cats can pass underneath your sensors without setting off the alarm.

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