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Installing a wireless burglar alarm system is one of the most effective ways to improve your properties security.
We are at the forefront of home security. We supply, install, maintain and repair all your security needs to protect you, your loved ones and your possessions to the maximum level.

Why Us?

Our burglar alarms are individually designed to minimise the risk of a break-in. They can be customised to meet the requirements by you or your home insurance provider. Our pioneering wireless technology ensures easy installation and use, No wires – no mess!

Our home security systems are the benchmark for professional security industry. They provides simple day to day operation and can easily be upgraded with additional security and home safety accessories. If you require upgradation in future, we would be happy to install it!

The wireless systems we offer have multiple benefits and uses- they can message you when someone arrives at your door, can be made pet friendly (even for pets more than 35 Kgs!) and can be installed without causing any harm to your home!


Features we offer

Our wireless alarm systems feature portable panic and emergency buttons, giving you extra security whilst anywhere in the world. You can add in extra features like the ‘home set’ mode for extra security in night. 

Our wireless intruder alarm systems allow your pets to move freely in all areas of your home enabling you to protect rooms that could not be covered by standard burglar alarm sensors. Even animals that weight more than 35Kg (85lb) can be covered by using a combination of optional accessories.

Our systems are connected to an app that can easily be installed in any of your smart devices. The app allows you to see all the activities, and sends you notifications. The app will also contact you with a voice call in the event of an emergency. An optional GSM module can be installed to send an SMS or voice call if you don’t have a telephone line.

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