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Fire Alarms Types

There are various different kinds of fire alarm systems that are suited for different types of properties. In order to get a free inspection and quote of the fire alarm suited best for you, call us at 0800 151 2831

The following are all the different kinds of fire alarm systems that we install:

Category M systems are manual systems and rely on the occupants of the building discovering the fire and operating the system to warn others. Such systems are a  basic requirement in places of employment with no sleeping risk

In addition to manual means of triggering an alarm, L category systems will also normally have an element of coverage using automatic fire detection such as smoke or heat detectors.

Category 5 systems are the ‘custom’ category and relate to certain special requirements that cannot be covered by any other category. Where such systems are specified, careful reference must be made to the objective of the cover, normally from a fire risk assessment.

Category 4 systems cover escape routes and circulation areas. Detectors might be sited in other areas of the building, but the objective is to protect the escape route.

Category 3 systems provide more extensive cover than Category 4. The objective is to warn the occupants of the building early enough to ensure that all are able to exit the building before escape routes become impassable.

Category 2 systems relate to automatic fire protection in defined areas of the building as well as satisfying the requirements of Category 3. The wider cover relates to parts of the building considered to have a high level of risk or fire hazard.

With Category 1 systems, the whole of a building is covered with minor exceptions.

Category 2 systems provide fire detection in specified parts of the building where there is either high risk or where business disruption must be minimised.

The system is installed throughout the building – the objective being to offer the earliest possible warning of fire to minimise the time between ignition and the arrival of firefighters.

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