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The law has changed, and fire alarm installers paisley can assist you. From February 1st, 2022, all commercial and residential properties within Scotland now require an interlinked fire alarm system. The government believes that additional attention must be paid to fire breakouts. Fires have detrimental effects on not only homes and buildings, but on people. This includes our family, friends, and neighbours.

Fire Alarm Installers Paisley – The Installation Process

If the new law is news to you, do not panic. We will break down the installation process for you. With the assistance of Titus Fire and Security, our engineers will be able to point you in the right direction.  

First off, an alarm must be secured to the ceiling of the main and most used room within your building. Secondly, you must have an alarm placed in what we call the circulation areas of your property. This includes each landing or storey of the home. The alarm is likely to be situated within the hallway. Finally, a heat alarm will be fixed in your kitchen area. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector 

What some people do not know, is that carbon monoxide gas is equally as lethal as fires and the smouldering smoke and fumes produced from them. However, fire breakouts can be seen. But a carbon monoxide leak cannot, and this tasteless and smell-less gas can have dreadful effects. So, alongside the interlinked fire alarm system, a carbon monoxide detector must be apparent in any room of your home that features a carbon fuelled appliance. Please note that this will not be connected to the fire alarm system. 

Contact a member of the team to consult about the interlinked alarm and carbon monoxide detector options on 0141 471 7245.


Contact Fire Alarm Installers Paisley on 0141 471 7245.


When consulting with the Titus Fire and Security team, be sure to enquire about different options regarding types of alarms. The alarm systems can be mains-wired or sealed battery alarms.


The Importance of Fire Safety and Education

You may be asking yourself why these fire safety laws have all of a sudden come into place? After all, fires are not a new thing! But, it is evident that we must be more educated on their effects and the consequences that follow them.  

Following the Grenfell Tower Tragedy in 2017, the UK was made aware that over 70 individuals had passed away as a result of a fire outbreak in a high-rise block of flats in West London. This was proven to be the worst residential fire since World War Two. Here in Paisley, we have a vast number of high-rise flats. It would be horrendous to hear of an event like this taking place within our beautiful and historical town. Therefore, let’s keep Renfrewshire safe. It is important to keep everyone around you educated on these new laws to prevent future damage. 

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