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Interlinked alarm systems

From the 1st of February 2022, all homes within Scotland must have an interlinked alarm system installed within their property. This is a logical and responsible decision implied by the Scottish Government following the effects of the Grenfell Tower tragedy that took place in London in 2017. 

The team at Titus Fire and Security can successfully install an interlinked system in the most appropriate areas of your home. The new legislation requires an alarm to be fitted on the ceiling of your most-used room, which tends to be your living room, alongside an alarm on each circulation space, that includes each storey or landing within the property. As well as this, a heat alarm must be situated within your kitchen.

Carbon-monoxide detectors

Carbon-monoxide alarms are also crucial under these new regulations. Any room that features a carbon-fuelled appliance, such as a boiler or fire, must have a carbon monoxide alarm, and although this will not be connected to the interlinked system, it is essential for detecting unseen, yet extremely harmful, carbon monoxide gas.  

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The difference between the new interlinked system and previous systems is that, if one alarm goes off, they all go off. This confirms that you will hear the alarm no matter where you are situated within the home at that given moment. This ensures a quicker evacuation process, and could potentially result in less damage to the home as the fire can be detected sooner. 

 Your interlinked system can be installed through sealed battery alarms or mains-wired alarms. Although sealed battery alarms may be quicker and less technical to install, it has been proven that mains-wired provide greater safety protection. 

 As the carbon monoxide detector is not directly linked with the interlinked alarm system, you must decide whether you would prefer this to be mains-wired or sealed battery operated too. 

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 Why you should not ignore the new regulations 

The new regulations proposed by the Scottish Government should not be ignored. Keeping Scotland’s capital and all its residents safe should be the main priority for all. Avoiding these new laws could consequently result in a negative impact on home reports, and in the worst-case scenario, your home insurance policy could become void. Additionally, your health and safety risks against fires, smoke, and carbon monoxide are higher. Therefore, it is not worth the risk. 

 Keep your friends, family, neighbours, and yourself educated by discussing the new rules and regulations to ensure that interlinked systems are accurately installed in all homes across Scotland. Alongside this, conduct occasional testing on your fire alarm. You can do so by carefully lighting a match and holding it directly below the fire alarm. By performing regular check-ups on your alarm system, you will have peace of mind that the system is always on and operational. 

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