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In a bid to become more coherent concerning fire safety measures, the Scottish Government has decided to make an advancement to legislation. From the 1st of February 2022, every property in Scotland must have an interlinked fire alarm system installed. This is a must-have for all residential properties. Fire alarm installers Newton Mearns are experienced professionals in alarm installation and can assist in the installation process. 

What is the Interlinked System Installed by Fire Alarm Installers Newton Mearns?

Our team likes to strictly obey the new legislation requirements and take the placement of alarms very seriously. We must ensure that the alarms are placed in the most suitable areas of your home. As part of the new rules, the Scottish Government has described the placement details of the alarms.  

One fire alarm must be placed in the room where your household, and yourself, are likely to spend most of the day. For many, this area will be the living room. A fire alarm must also be placed in each circulation area of the home. This includes an alarm on each storey of the property within the hallway or landing areas. If you reside within a two-storey property, an alarm will be necessary on the downstairs and upstairs ceilings. A heat alarm concludes the interlinked system. This is a less sensitive device and will be situated on the kitchen ceiling. 

The Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector can play a pivotal role within a property. Especially if you have a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a boiler or non-electric heater. There are around 60 accidental carbon monoxide deaths per year within the UK. All of which could have potentially been avoided with the help of a carbon monoxide detector. When the device senses the tasteless and scentless gas, it sounds, making homeowners aware of the danger. Do not risk it! Although these devices are not directly linked to the interlinked system, they are very much required to maintain maximum safety within your home. 

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Why Has the Interlinked System Come into Place?

During mid-2021, it was reported that around 53 Scots had lost their lives the previous year due to fire incidents. This figure proved that fire deaths had doubled in twelve months. The Scottish Government wants to ensure that housing safety measures are increased to avoid more tragedies in the upcoming years.  

The biggest residential fire tragedy that we have seen in the UK since World War Two took place in 2017. The Grenfell Tower catastrophe took everyone in the UK by surprise and the effects were difficult to comprehend. With over 70 injuries and over 70 fatalities, these numbers could have been reduced if the fire alarm systems were more efficient, and interlinked. To ensure that an event as disastrous as this one does not occur again, we must remain educated on fire safety and apply the new system to our homes as soon as we can. 

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