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How to change a fire alarm batteryFire Alarm Installers Bishopbriggs are aware that there have been updates to fire alarm regulations within Scotland. The Scottish Government has introduced new legislation that requires all commercial and residential properties within the country to have an interlinked fire alarm system. This new system should provide a quicker indication of fire outbreaks and fire alarm installers Bishopbriggs can assist with the installation process.

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Fire Alarm Installers Bishopbriggs – Installation Process

There is no need to worry about the installation process when the team at Titus Fire Alarm Installers Bishopbriggs are on the case. Our team of experienced engineers knows the best locations for your alarms to be placed throughout your home. There are certain guidelines to meet in terms of the positioning of your alarms. 

You will have at least two alarms, and one heat alarm placed within your property. One alarm will be placed on the ceiling of the main room within your property. Alongside this alarm, you will have an alarm within each circulation area of the home. If your property is one-storey, you will need one alarm within the circulation area (the hallway). If your property is two-storeys, you will need an alarm within the upstairs and downstairs circulation areas. The more levels to your property equal the more alarms. A heat alarm is also vital within the kitchen of your home. This device is less sensitive compared to the other fire alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Fire Alarm Installers Bishopbriggs

Fire Alarm Installers Bishopbriggs know although not every home features a carbon-fuelled appliance, those that do must have a carbon monoxide detector. This device is not directly linked to your new interlinked fire alarm system. It usually comes in the form of a sealed battery alarm. It is important to note that the batteries will require changing. Although they usually need to be changed every ten years, it is important to ensure that the device is fully functioning. When carbon monoxide gas is consumed in large doses it can be highly detrimental to your health. 

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Follow the New Rules

It is the property owner’s responsibility to meet the new standards. The law came into force on the 1st of February 2022. If you do not yet have the new system installed after this date, try to have the alarm system fitted within a reasonable period after this date. Although there are no penalties for not complying with the new law, you are only imposing a higher risk to your household. The new system alerts everyone within the property of fire occurrence sooner. No matter where you may be within the property, you are always likely to hear the alarm sound during a fire breakout. Fire outbreaks can happen to any building at any time. Sometimes, the fire breakout is completely out of your control, with no way of knowing how it could have started. 

Regularly Check Alarms

Safety doesn’t stop after the installation process. It is vital to regularly check your alarm systems. You can do so by carefully lighting a match and holding it under the device to confirm how well it is functioning. It is also important to check information on the alarm system. For example, how long it lasts with lithium batteries before they need to be changed. 

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