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 The consequences of fire breakouts have been highlighted following the detrimental effects of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017. Although a few hundred people made it out safely, there were still over 70 injured and 70 dead. This number could have been reduced if the fire alarm systems within the high block tower were more accurate and efficient. 

This is why the Scottish Government has decided to take a well-reasoned approach by making a change to rules and regulations. Implementing the need for an interlinked fire alarm system within every property in Scotland, Fire alarm installers Kirkcaldy can assist.

Contact fire alarm installers Kirkcaldy on 01592 801 073.

Requirements For the Interlinked System

The main reason why a qualified engineer must install the system in your home is due to accuracy. They know the best locations to place your alarms within your property. Two alarms need to be secured to ceilings within your home, alongside a heat alarm within the kitchen. Also, a carbon monoxide detector is required for rooms featuring carbon-fuelled appliances. 

Carbon monoxide gas can have lethal effects on any individual. The gas itself has no scent or taste, meaning that you will not be aware of its presence. If you have a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a boiler or gas fire, be sure to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. This is not directly linked to the interlinked alarm system. But, can be easily installed, with the help of a professional as a battery sealed detector. 

Mains-wired or sealed battery alarm

That brings us to our next topic, the type of interlinked alarm you can install. The alarms must comply under either a mains-wired or sealed battery alarm. The clue is in the names. Mains-wired is linked to your property’s mains electricity. Whereas the sealed battery alarms function with a long-life lithium battery which will need replacing every ten years. It may be helpful to speak to the engineer when choosing what option is best suited to you.

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Upkeep After Installation

Fire safety measures don’t stop after the installation process. It is crucial to regularly check your fire alarm to make sure that it is fully operational. You can do so by carefully lighting a match and situating it directly below the alarm system. Once you hear all of the alarms sound and trust us you will know if they are functioning, you will be reassured that your alarm system is up to scratch. 

Keep the Area Safe

The health and safety of our residents within Fife, and the rest of Scotland, is our main priority. By complying with these new laws, we will be able to reduce property damage, injuries, and more importantly fatalities. Keep yourself and those around you educated on the detrimental effects of fires. 

A member of the Titus Fire and Security team would be more than happy to answer any further questions or concerns regarding the new alarm system installation requirements. Call today on 01592 801 073.

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