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Burglar Alarm Installation Kirkcaldy is the best in the area for all types of security systems such as Burglar Alarm, CCTV, Door Entry and many more.

Crucially, our security systems are user-friendly and very effective at avoiding and detecting intruders. Further, our structures allow the fitment of completely wireless safety devices (door transmitters, motion detectors, window transmitters, glass breakage detectors, and shock sensors) which helps in maintaining the aesthetics of your home without having to give up a safety.

Which Burglar Alarm Should I Choose?

All in all, both types of burglar alarm system offer efficient protection for housing properties. The main benefit of Wireless Burglar Alarm System is the flexibility to install the sensors to anywhere in your home. Notably, even in outbuildings, garages and sheds and have them all linked to your house wireless burglar alarm system. Further, over 90% of our fitments and alternatives are now to wireless burglar alarm systems.

As we are Burglar Alarm System experts in the ground of domestic and commercial safety, the Burglar Alarm Installation services we provide in Kirkcaldy can deliver expert information on what burglar alarm system best outfits your wants and budget, so contact us today for a FREE survey by one of our fitters.


Our CCTV features include Day and night cameras, thermal image, IP cameras, exterior monitoring, wireless CCTV applications, wireless intruder, monitors and control. Also, we can offer a CCTV to meet the specific needs of our client. Further, we provide remote systems for the house and larger systems for business. Also, our CCTV system designers provide the most suitable system for your desires and increase the safety of your property.

Burglar Alarm / Intruder Alarm

Safeguard your house and building with an alarm system fitted to your needs. Also, our burglar alarms are entirely accepted and can be installed to a central call station or can call the owner or a friend to alert on alarm.

Further, the alarm can be installed directly to the police, your mobile phone or a friend’s phone. Many thieves will turn to another house just as they see a system in place. Therefore, defend yourself and your house today with a customized safety system.

Door Entry Systems

Safeguard your house or company and yourself with CCTV. From a one camera system to complete coverage, we can create a system to fit your needs. Also, CCTV cameras can be retrieved from anywhere in the world to give you peace of mind when away from the house for ultimate security.

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Overall, Burglar Alarm Installation Kirkcaldy are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Therefore, you can communicate directly with our fitters and feel delighted with the simple process. Importantly, we look forwards to talking with you and providing you with a free quotation, free call-out service and free specialist advice. Call us today on 0159 280 1073.


At the beginning of the 16th century, the town became an important trading port. Further, the town took advantage of its east coast location, which facilitated trading contacts with the Low Countries, the Baltic region, England, and Northern France. Also, the feu-ferme charter of 1451 between the Abbot of Dunfermline and the burgesses of Kirkcaldy mentioned a small but functioning harbour; it is not known when this harbour was established, or whether it was always located at the mouth of the East Burn.

Also, according to treasurers’ accounts of the early 16th century, timber imported via the harbour—possibly from the Baltic countries—was used at Falkland Palace and Edinburgh Castle, as well as in shipbuilding. Further, raw materials such as hides, wool, skins, herring, salmon, coal and salt, were exported from the town until well into the 17th century

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