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One issue that is not highlighted enough within our country is the repercussions of fire outbreaks. This is where Fire alarm installers Dundee can help. Homeowners do not anticipate fire outbreaks, and at times, they are completely out of our control. The Grenfell Tower tragedy, which took place in London in 2017, was proven to be the deadliest structural fire within the UK since the 1988 Piper Alpha oil-platform disaster, and the worst residential fire within the country since World War Two. Remarkable, yet fire consequences and safety measures are still not highlighted as much as they should be.

Fire Alarm Installers Dundee – interlinked fire alarm systems

How has the country responded to this event? The Scottish Government has decided to take a logical approach to maximise safety measures. From the 1st of February 2022, the government has decided to implement new rules and regulations. The law requires all commercial and residential properties to have an interlinked fire alarm system.  

The new layout is as follows: An alarm must be placed on the ceiling of the main room of your home, this is likely to be the living room. Alongside this, there must be an alarm apparent within each circulation area of the home. This includes hallways and landings, meaning that if you have a three-storey home, you may require additional alarms. Do not worry, the professionals will keep you right for an accurate installation process.

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It is important to note, alongside the interlinked alarm system, you must have a heat alarm present in your kitchen area. Also a carbon monoxide detector within any area of your home that features carbon fuelled appliances such as a fire or boiler. However, this detector may not be necessary for everyone. It will not be linked to the alarm system in any way. 

Two types of alarm systems

When it comes to selecting and having your updated alarm system installed, it is important to consider the two different options for your system. 

The system can be mains-wired meaning that it is connected through your mains electricity. Or it can be a sealed battery alarm system, meaning that it simply operates through batteries. Although a sealed battery system is easier to install, the batteries must be updated. If forgotten about, the device is useless. As well as this, mains-wired systems are proven to be more effective. Therefore, it is important to weigh out your options.  

Be sure to note that an experienced engineer can keep you right when it comes to the installation process. They will advise you on what alarm is best suited to you and your property.

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Keeping Dundee Safe

Dundee is Scotland’s fourth-largest city, therefore educating one another on fire consequences and the importance of the new system will help reduce further damage to buildings, injuries, and most importantly, fatalities. 

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