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In light of new legislation, it is necessary to have an interlinked fire alarm system installed within your home by February 2022. This is a tactical and strategic law put into place following the incident at the Grenfell Tower, London in 2017. This traumatic event highlighted the intensity of residential fires, indicating that extra precautions must be made. The injuries and fatalities that occurred from this event are devastating, and this is why it is vital to act upon new legislation to boost the safety precautions within your home for your family and yourself. Call Titus fire alarm installers in Hamilton today for more information

The interlinked alarm system is comprised of several alarms installed on the ceilings throughout your home. We will give you a quick breakdown of their preferred whereabouts. One alarm should be placed in the main room of your property, which is most likely to be the living room. Secondly, an alarm should be placed within each circulation area of your home including hallways and each landing or storey of the house. Finally, a heat alarm should be placed within the kitchen.

It is vital to ensure that you have a professional carry out your alarm installation process, otherwise, they could be placed in the wrong areas. 

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Two types of alarms 

Before preparing for the installation process, you must acknowledge if you would prefer a sealed battery alarm system or a mains-wired alarm system. A mains-wired alarm system is the most preferred option as they are more efficient in providing greater safety protection whereas, a sealed battery alarm system is a less technical process, however, operate through batteries that must be updated. The Titus Fire and Security team can discuss these options with you to elaborate further if need be. 

Carbon monoxide detector 

It is crucial to note that along with the interlinked fire alarm regulations comes the compulsory carbon monoxide detector which must be present within any room that features a carbon-fuelled device, i.e., a boiler or fire. Carbon monoxide gas is deadly and as it is unable to be seen, it is hard to detect. This device, therefore, signifies when the colourless and tasteless gas is present. 

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It is crucial to ensure that as a property owner, you comply with these rules. They are in place for a reason, and it is vital to highlight the dangers and consequences of fires to our peers, family, and more importantly young children who are not as educated on the subject. 

Alongside reduced fire protection, failure to comply with these rules could lead to consequential effects in the event of a fire, or it could affect your home report when you eventually sell your home. As well as this, your home insurance policies may also become void. 

The interlinked system will indicate fire wherever you are within your property, allowing you to identify and acknowledge smoke and fires much quicker to take suitable actions. Let’s keep South Lanarkshire safe and educate one another on interlinked systems and the effects of fires. 

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Making Hamilton a safer place

Titus Alarm and CCTV Hamilton have had its roots in Hamilton and the surrounding areas for many years now and we are very proud to be able to serve search a historical and thriving community. It has produced a number of well-known people in sectors such a sport which include Walter McGowan who was a world champion boxer, art and literature which include Robin Jenkins who was a novelist as well as in the entertainment and broadcasting sector which include prominent people such as Ian Buchanan who is an Emmy Award winning actor.     



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