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How to change a fire alarm batteryFire Alarm Installers Cumbernauld are aware that an update to current Scottish legislation was made on the 1st of February 2022. It is regarding the advancement in fire alarm systems for commercial and residential properties across Scotland. It is time to clamp down on fire damage and the potential detrimental effects that fires and overpowering, harmful smoke can have on buildings and the residents of Scotland. Fire alarm installers in Cumbernauld can assist with this. 

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So, how has the Scottish Government made advancements on fire safety measures? They have introduced a new interlinked fire alarm system. This alarm system will sound wherever the fire breaks out within the home, or wherever you may be situated within your home.  

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Installing The Alarm System – Fire Alarm Installers Cumbernauld

Fire Alarm Installers Cumbernauld will make sure that your new interlinked system will be placed accurately and efficiently around your home. The most suitable places will be selected with the help of a Titus Fire and Security experienced engineer. So, let’s elaborate on the areas of your home the alarms should be placed within.  

Firstly, you must have an alarm placed on the ceiling of the main room of your home, this is likely to be the living room. If you would prefer for it to be more discreet, you could place it in a downstairs home office or dining room. Secondly, you must have a heat alarm within your kitchen. This is a strategic decision as the kitchen is potentially the room where a fire break out would most likely occur due to the excessive number of appliances. Finally, the last part of your interlinked system will be featured in a circulation area of your home. This will be placed in landings or hallways. 

A carbon monoxide detector also falls under the new requirements, although it is not directly linked to the alarm system. It is most likely to be a sealed battery detector. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Don’t put yourself and your family at risk if you have carbon-fuelled appliances situated anywhere within your home. It is not worth the consequences!

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Two Types of Alarm Systems

This brings us to our next point, the type of alarm system you can have installed within your home. There are two options to choose from although it may be helpful to speak with an engineer first to discover what type is best suited to you and your property. 

Mains-wired alarms are connected to the mains electricity of your home whereas, sealed battery alarms are powered by batteries that should be changed every 10 years. Although you may have a personal preference it is important to consider the qualities and features of both before beginning the installation process. 

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Fire Alarm Installers Cumbernauld -Keep Cumbernauld Safe

At Fire alarm installers Cumbernauld our main priority is to help keep the town safe and secure from fire breakouts. You need to play your part too after the installation process by keeping friends, family, and children aware of what to do in the case of a fire. Alongside this, ensure that you occasionally test your fire alarm.

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