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Fire Alarm Installers Clydebank

How to change a fire alarm batteryFire Alarm Installers Clydebank know that following the devastating effects of the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, the Scottish Government has decided to alter safety precautions to increase fire safety. Now, every commercial and residential property within Scotland must have an interlinked fire alarm system in the building. Fire alarm installers Clydebank can assist with the installation process.

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What is the Interlinked Alarm System Installed by Fire Alarm Installers Clydebank?

The new interlinked system that Titus Fire Alarm Installers Clydebank offer is comprised of several alarm systems placed throughout the home. Each alarm is linked to one another. This means that when one detects a fire, they all go off. So, no matter where you are within your home, you are guaranteed to hear the alarm. 

The number of alarms you will need depends on the number of levels within your home. If your home is a one-storey bungalow or flat, two fire alarms will be necessary. But if your home has two-storeys, you will need three fire alarms. Our team at Titus Fire and Security will be able to place your alarms on the ceilings of the most suitable rooms and areas within your home. So, there is no need to worry about working out the alarm placement guidelines when you have a team of experienced professionals to do it for you!

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Types of alarms

Your new alarm system can come in two forms, a sealed battery alarm or a mains-wired. The clue is in the name. However, more homeowners choose to opt for a sealed battery alarm as the installation process is a lot easier. If you choose to have a sealed battery alarm installed, it is important to note that the batteries require changing. Although this is usually every ten years, it is vital to remember to change them, and also carry out tests on your fire alarm. Simply lighting a few matches and holding them underneath the alarm system will indicate how well the device is functioning.

Extra Safety Precautions

It is important to note that within the interlinked alarm requirements, you must have a heat alarm within your kitchen area. Also, if your home features any carbon-fuelled appliances, it is vital to install a carbon monoxide detector. Although this is not directly linked to the interlinked fire alarm system, the device does play a crucial role in detecting harmful gas.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. Within the UK, on average, there are around sixty carbon monoxide-related deaths per year. A number that could have been reduced with a carbon monoxide detector in place. Keep your household, and yourself safe and have this device installed by our team if required. 

Fire Alarm Installers Clydebank – Educate Others on Fire Hazards

Fire Alarm Installers Clydebank know that fire breakouts can happen to anyone, and sometimes it is no fault of the property owner. With the new rules and regulations, Scotland should hopefully manage to reduce fire damage, injuries, and more importantly fatalities. Educate others to keep everyone safe. 

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