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Peace of mind, security for your home business, loved ones and belongings. Certainly, that’s what a CCTV system will do for you. Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Oxford are the company for you.

Primarily, we understand that you would feel more relaxed being able to monitor your home 24/7. Therefore, we have created a mobile-friendly app which can connect to your phone, a laptop, pc or tablet. Undoubtedly, giving your remote viewing access anywhere in the world at any time of the day. If of course, you have a wifi or 4/5G connection. Therefore, if there is any issue or incident you are wary about happening at your home, you can take control and action. First, you can call the police. Second, you can take a screen recording. Third, have one of our eternal speakers installed where you can warn the intruder away, and they will think you are in your home.

And of course, you can view what has occurred in the earlier period because we will always set your system up to record once the structure identifies movement. Therefore, you’ll have around two weeks worth of videotape accessible, before it gets overwritten. However, if you would like to have the footage available for a more extended period or have it stored onto a hard drive, we can do this. Additionally, we can upgrade your current system, so it has up to 7 times the storage capacity.

CCTV systems for your protection

CCTV Installation Oxford presents our clients a range of CCTV procedures reliant on your requirements.  First, our specialist fitters have the knowledge and expertise to connect broad protection systems. From safety, cameras to entry control systems. Undoubtedly, when embarking on a business or home CCTV Installation, CCTV Installer P will provide a free site assessment and risk review.

Undoubtedly, during the risk calculation, our engineers will realise what you need to achieve, what protection procedures would best suit you and the amount of safety necessary. After this, you will be offered a comprehensive strategy of action and plan, plus the best CCTV system that will be tailored your financial plan and safety needs.  Additionally, we have an entire array of apparatus. From energy and video cabling, access control panels, access control readers, CCTV security cameras, to alarm sensors.

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Areas Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Oxford

At Titus CCTV Installation Oxford we commence modified and tailored Tv. Instalments daily and offer expert repairs and upgrades. Chiefly, we do this every day all through the OX1 OX2 OX3 OX4 areas of Oxford

Such as:

  • Summertown
  • Headington Kennington
  • Botley
  • Wytham
  • Marston
  • Elsfield
  • Cowley
  • Blackbird Leys
  • Sandford-on-Thames and Iffley.

Oxford University

The University of Oxford is first mentioned in 12th-century records. Of the hundreds of aularian houses that sprang up across the city, only St Edmund Hall (c. 1225) remains. What put an end to the halls was the emergence of colleges. Oxford’s earliest colleges were University College (1249), Balliol (1263) and Merton (1264). These colleges were established at a time when Europeans were starting to translate the writings of Greek philosophers. These writings challenged European ideology, inspiring scientific discoveries and advancements in the arts, as society began to see itself in a new way. These colleges at Oxford were supported by the Church in the hope of reconciling Greek philosophy and Christian theology. The relationship between “town and gown” has often been uneasy – as many as 93 students and townspeople were killed in the St Scholastica Day Riot of 1355.

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