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Titus Alarm & Burglar Alarm Installation Glasgow believe in handling our clients with honestly and reasonably, so with us, there are no concealed costs:

  • We sell our systems outright
  • Our maintenance costs do not go up for the period of the contract
  • We only use the very best equipment once we have thoroughly tested it ourselves
  • Our training programme is broad, and we have a comprehensive engineer grading system

Titus Alarm & Burglar Alarm Installation work this way because we believe these hidden advantages work much better for the customer!

Titus Alarm – Burglar Alarm Installation  Glasgow

Importantly, it is essentially a statement clarifying that an intruder alarm, authorized by the insurance company, must be in working at the building being insured. Mainly, it states,  when they are shut for the day or weekend, or left unsupervised, and that this alarm is to be kept in excellent working instruction and frequently tested. Notably, a violation of a Burglar Alarm Servicing could invalidate an insurance claim.

Additionally, if a Burglar Alarm Servicing warranty applies to your business coverage policy, then you only have burglary cover if you conform with its obligations. It is, therefore, vital to verify your policy schedule and any quotes you get to see if there is a Burglar Alarm Servicing warranty and what type of alarm system, if any, is necessary.

Burglar Alarm Servicing – Insurance

Different insurance firms have various constraints. For Instances, one insurer may make it essential for an alarm to provide theft cover for a threat where another will not. Or they may require different kinds of alarm systems. Moreover, if an alarm is needed, the insurance firm will often specify that it is fitted and maintained by an alarm firm who is approved.

Further, it’s a great idea, therefore, to verify the conditions of your insurance business before having an alarm to be fitted at your properties or hiring an alarm firm to take over or upgrade your current alarm system.

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Titus Alarm & Burglar Alarm Installation Glasgow will provide you with free quotations, estimations and analysis. Further, we will provide the best Burglar Alarm Servicing to ensure your alarm comply with your insurance policy. Yet also, to ensure it is operating effectively. Call us today on 0141 471 7238; we look forward to hearing from you. 

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