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CCTV systems are vital for your property, and your own safety. They help prevent burglary, theft, and vandalism. CCTV cameras provide extra security, as well as vital evidence for potential crimes on your property.  


Titus Fire & Security takes your safety seriously!

Our systems are designed specifically to ensure utmost protection. They are user-friendly, effective, and easy to install and use. we offer different kinds of CCTV solutions depending on your needs. Our customised guidance, as well as quotes, are free of charge.

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CCTV For Home 

An essential part of your home security systems are CCTVs. It is vital that your CCTV cameras cater to your personalised needs. We provide both, indoor as well as outdoor CCTV cameras as well as free advice on what kind of cameras you should get installed. 

  • Indoor CCTV cameras: These cameras are used inside the property. They are lightweight and use features like infrared to provide clear images in low light situations.  
  • Outdoor CCTV cameras: They are bulkier than indoor cameras and are usually more durable. They are suited to work in all kinds of weather conditions. Outdoor cameras installed by us are heavier and sometimes housed to discourage easy removal.  

Ensuring appropriate service and maintenance for your home security system is as important as its installation. At Titus Fire & Security, we have developed standard service plans to keep you and your property protected. 


CCTV For Business 

An effective way of increasing security measures around your business is by Installing CCTV cameras and systems. They help in improving business operations and their efficiency. There are multiple benefits of having a CCTV camera installed: 

  • They deter theft, vandalism and assault 
  • Provide camera footage for evidence 
  • Monitor staff security and performance 
  • Lets you monitor the entire business premise 

Titus Security systems are easy to use and cost effective. Our technology allows you to view your CCTV cameras footage on any smart device.  


Wireless CCTV Systems 

Pioneering wireless technology links the control panel and all accessories. 

No wires – no mess, the system can be quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption to your home. Also, the system can be upgraded in future if required. 

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