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If you would like the installation of a house alarm system, it could be helpful to understand that the crime rate in Great Britain has been rising yearly.  Also, Burglar Alarm Installation Greenock have been working for domestic, commercial and industrial customers for the past 25 years fitting home and business security systems, CCTV and safety gates. Furthermore, all our systems are entirely assured. We also carry out renovations on existing installations.

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Sadly, many individuals only think about putting in a burglar detection system or burglar alarm after they have been burgled. Mainly, because 47% of break-ins are recorded as being on the off opportunity by the police in the UK, their advice is to prevent would-be crooked by installing an alarm system to your house or company. Avoid the despair and panic triggered by a burglary by installing a security system which is appropriate for your home or business. But, with such an array of burglar alarms present, which is the finest for you?

Burglar Alarms UK

There are safety and alarm systems accessible to all costs. Where the price is not a dilemma, a devoted protection provider will fit, service and systematically supervise your alarm system for you, whereby at the other end of the range, there are simple, battery-powered systems that can be fitted and operating in a few minutes. There are also wireless and wired alternatives, and many can be linked to CCTV to record any robbers for identification later. It’s worth imagining about, before buying your safety alarm, precisely what its intended purpose is for.

Types of Alarms

Audible/Visual Only Burglar Alarms – These alarms are limited to an interior or exterior bell and a visual indicator indicating that the alarm’s been set off. This alarm advises residents and nationals but does not account the incidence via text or voice message to a cell phone.


  • Easy instalment can be accomplished by an individual with DIY capabilities.
  • The actual alarm box is a visible warning which can assist in preventing would-be intruders.


  • Identification of the alarm is restricted to those in or near to the houses or building.

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Overall, Burglar Alarm Installation Greenock are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Therefore, you can chat immediately with our engineers and feel comfortable with the easy process. Importantly, we will chat with you and offer you a free quote, free call-out service and free specialist advice. Call us at 0147 560 4125


Hugh de Greenock created a Scottish Baron in 1296, and the seat of the feudal barony of Greenock was apparently what became Easter Greenock Castle. Further, around 1400, his successor Malcolm Galbraith died with no sons, and his estate was divided between his two daughters to become two baronies. Also, the eldest inherited Easter Greenock and married a Crawfurd, while Wester Greenock went to the younger daughter who married Schaw of Sauchie. Moreover, around 1540 the adjoining barony of Finnart was passed to the Schaw family, extending their holdings westward to the boundary of Gourock, and in 1542 Sir John Schaw founded Wester Greenock castle

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