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Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Doncaster are always operating hard to make adjustments to the way the domestic security market is handled in the UK. Even the largest names in safety have not kept up with the latest innovations available. Mainly, we think you deserve a quicker way of safeguarding your family, home or company. As such, we only fit smart safety alarms; the highlights and advantages of having a smart alarm give you unmatched peace of mind and accessibility. Do not just take our word for it – our newest System has won numerous awards as expert installers.

Top Protection

The best way to safeguard your home is by preventing intruders in their tracks before they break into your home or business. As such we can improve safeguard your home with outdoor motion detectors (which are weather and wildlife proof), and vibration detectors for vulnerable windows and doors.

Smart Home

Our smart alarm systems control not only your home safety needs, but they can now also control your light switches and power sockets. For instance, you can have the lights come on routinely if the alarm is triggered, or you can set schedules for specific lights to give a sense of home occupancy.


The police now present a free website ( which lists all the reported crimes in your area. You can even reduce it down to a 1-mile radius around your home or business. This will give you comprehensive month-by-month crime statistics so you can see what has been occurring in your area. Notably, without living next door to a home that’s been broken into, you might not even be aware of crimes occurring on your doorstep.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance

Your new smart technology needs well looking after. At Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Doncaster, we recommend two levels of CCTV and smart alarm servicing packs. Mainly, our premium package contains the above combined with these extra benefits:

  • Unlimited call outs to resolve any problems that cannot be dealt with remotely.
  • Unlimited replacement parts cover – any defective parts out of contract will be replaced free of charge; this includes labour and parts.
  • Our highly trained and fully trained workforce are also able to complete a broad range of repairs and equipment servicing including safety alarm repairs, CCTV repairs and full security system servicing.

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Primarily, by Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Doncaster about Burglar Alarm installation in your local area. Above all, you will be joining an essential step in the path of protecting your most valued assets, including your family, pets, assets and goods. Further, we have remained the best security provider in the region for years and can also assist you with television aerials and satellite TV.

Notably, we are the market-dominating, independent, most trusted CCTV installers in Doncaster. Call us on 01302 245 669.


Possibly inhabited by earlier people, Doncaster grew up at the site of a Roman fort constructed in the 1st century at a crossing of the River Don. The 2nd-century Antonine Itinerary and the early-5th-century Notitia Dignitatum (Register of Dignitaries) called this fort Danum. Also, the first section of the road to the Doncaster fort had probably been constructed since the early 50s. Further, while a route through the north Derbyshire hills was opened in the latter half of the 1st century, possibly by Governor Gn. Also, Julius Agricola during the late 70s. Doncaster provided an alternative direct land route between Lincoln and York. The main route between Lincoln and York was Ermine Street. Mainly, which required parties to break into smaller units to cross the Humber in boats

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