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We can easily install a variety of alarm systems across Canterbury and surrounding areas at Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Canterbury. We guarantee to meet all of your needs as we have a full range of systems available. For example, we can provide wireless and hybrid alarm systems. All of which will be maintained by accredited technicians. Thus ensuring you have the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our engineers can supply, install and maintain the perfect alarm system for you all at a competitive price.  Take the initial steps in safeguarding your property and install one of our alarm systems. However, it is vital that you keep your system maintained. Meaning you will need regular checks and updates to ensure your system and warranty guarantee is up to date. 

Service and Maintenance 

Regardless of whether we are the current provider of burglar alarm systems, we are more than happy to provide you with ongoing maintenance at Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Canterbury. If you don’t receive regular alarm maintenancing then you could face a number of issues. For instance, issues during power cuts, cut or damaged cables, false alarms etc. However, there’s no need to worry, these issues are all easily avoidable with regular alarm service and maintenance checks. 

As well as maintenance it is of the utmost importance to ensure your warranty is up to date to provide you with full protection and insurance coverage. Which is why we offer an annual servicing charge which also provides you with a 1 year warranty. We offer this  to both new and existing customers. Additionally all over 65s will receive a 10% discount. 

Crime issues

We are more than happy to supply, install and maintain both home and business systems at Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Canterbury.  Unfortunately burglaries happen every single day. Which is why it is vital for you to safeguard your property. Statistics show that properties without alarm systems are up to five times more likely to be targeted by burglars. However, it is still possible for properties with alarms systems to be targeted. Therefore it is so important to ensure your system is fully working, to prevent any crime from taking place. 

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About Canterbury

After the murder of the Archbishop Thomas Becket at the cathedral in 1170, Canterbury became one of the most notable towns in Europe, as pilgrims from all parts of Christendom came to visit his shrine. This pilgrimage provided the framework for Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century collection of stories, The Canterbury Tales. Canterbury Castle was captured by the French Prince Louis during his 1215 invasion of England, before the death of John caused his English supporters to desert his cause and support the young Henry III.


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