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In light of the most recent regulations introduced by the Scottish Government, the aim is to reduce fire damage, injuries, and fatalities with a more accurate and advanced alarm system. The new interlinked fire alarm system is required within all households across the country from February 1st, 2022. The team at fire alarm installers Renfrew will happily assist with an accurate and efficient installation process. This will save you any hassle of carrying it out yourself.  

The new rules have been set into place following the Grenfell Tower tragedy that occurred in London in 2017. A fire broke out in the high-rise flats following a malfunctioning fridge freezer on the fourth floor. It is believed that a more accurate fire alarm system could have reduced the injuries and fatalities that resulted from the catastrophe. A number that was over 140. The fire is known to be the largest residential fire since World War Two. 


Fire Alarm Installers Renfrew – Installation Process

The Scottish Government has provided a rough guideline for where is best to situate the alarms within your property. One alarm must be placed within the room that the house’s residents use the most. This is most likely to be the living room. There must also be a fire alarm in every hallway or landing. This is called a circulation area, meaning that if your home has two levels, you will require one on each level (upstairs and downstairs). A heat alarm will also be necessary on the ceiling of your kitchen. These alarms will all be interlinked with one another. 

If your home features a carbon-fuelled appliance a carbon-monoxide detector will be necessary. For example, a boiler or a gas cooker. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer. When consumed in large doses, it can be extremely detrimental. Although this detector is not directly linked to the interlinked fire alarm system it does play as big a role in terms of safety. This alarm usually comes in the form of a sealed battery alarm. 

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Types of Alarm Systems & Maximising Safety

Before the installation process, it is important to identify whether you want a mains-wired or a sealed battery alarm installed. When consulting with our team, we can explain any details of the two types of alarm systems. The sealed battery alarms are generally more popular.

However, it is important to remember that the lithium batteries used to operate the alarm will need to be changed. These batteries can usually last up to ten years. You can check how well your alarm system is operating by occasionally lighting a match and holding it directly below the alarm. The sound will indicate how well the alarm is working. Safety does not stop at the installation process. Check your alarm system regularly and update others on the importance of fire safety measures to maximise protection for everyone across Renfrew and the rest of Scotland. 


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