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In Scotland, new rules and regulations have been called to attention in response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy that took place in 2017. This event highlighted the fatal effects of residential fires proving that as a country we must be wary of the possibility of residential fires breaking out within our homes.  From the 1st of February 2022, the new interlinked fire alarm system must be installed within all homes. Fire alarm installers Peterhead can assist with the installation process.

Fire Alarm Installers Peterhead Installation Process

The new systems alarms are linked with one another. This means that they will all sound wherever the fire breaks out within the home. An alarm will be fixed to the ceiling of the main, or most used room within the property. That tends to be the living room. Another alarm will be placed on the ceiling of the property’s circulation areas. For example, within the hallway or landing. It is important to note that if your property is more than two stories, an alarm will be needed for each circulation area level.  

Finally, we move onto the kitchen area. This area tends to be the most prominent place for a fire breakout within your home. This is due to the large selection of appliances that produce heat. A heat alarm will be fixed to your kitchen ceiling, which is also interlinked with the fire alarm system. 

Alarm Types

Before having your new alarm system installed, it may be helpful to discuss the two types of alarm systems without our experts. You can choose to have your fire alarm devices wired into your home’s main electricity. Or, you can choose to have them operate through a sealed battery alarm. A sealed battery alarm will operate on lithium batteries. It is important to note that they will need to be replaced when they are no longer effective. You can also test the alarm to check how well the alarm is functioning by holding a few lit matches underneath. The sound will indicate how well the alarm is working. 

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector can play a pivotal role within a property. Especially if you have a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a boiler or non-electric heater. There are around 60 accidental carbon monoxide deaths per year within the UK. All of which could have potentially been avoided with the help of a carbon monoxide detector. When the device senses the tasteless and scentless gas, it sounds, making homeowners aware of the danger. Do not risk it! Although these devices are not directly linked to the interlinked system, they are very much required to maintain maximum safety within your home.   


Let’s Keep Aberdeenshire Safe

Peterhead is Aberdeenshire’s biggest settlement. We would hate to see fire damage the small villages, residential areas, and evolving commercial properties across the town. Therefore, it is vital to follow the new rules. Do not avoid installing the new interlinked system! This law has been put in place for a reason, to maximise safety measures for our society. So be sure to play your part!


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