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Following the tragedy that took place at the Grenfell Tower, London in 2017, the Scottish Government has decided to become more coherent in a bid to protect homeowners and residents by introducing a new law focused on interlinked fire alarm systems. The new regulations will be mandatory for property owners to follow, and with the assistance of the Titus Fire and Security team, you can guarantee that an experienced professional will install a high-quality interlinked alarm system into your home. Contact Fire alarm installers in Motherwell today, by clicking here.

Fire alarm installers Motherwell will meet the new restrictions and requirements by ceiling mounting your new alarm system in the most appropriate locations within your home. This will consist of a smoke alarm installed in the room most used for daytime living purposes, for example, the living room, alongside an alarm within each open circulation space, which includes hallways or landings on each storey of the property. Finally, a heat alarm must be installed in your kitchen and alongside this, any room that features a carbon-fuelled appliance will require a carbon monoxide detector. 

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Interlinked alarm systems

Avoiding these new rules and regulations could be extremely impactful in a negative way. Properties who fail to meet the new law requirements could affect their home report when it comes to selling the home, and in worse cases, home insurance policies may become void. Not to mention, your safety precautions will be lowered. There is a reason why these new regulations have been introduced and that is to indicate an earlier detection and warning for signs of fire and carbon monoxide for your health and safety purposes.  

Although a carbon monoxide detector is not connected to your fire alarms, this device is crucial as unlike fires, carbon monoxide gas cannot be seen but is extremely harmful. 

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Sealed battery alarms and mains-wired alarms

Two types of interlinked alarms meet the requirements of the new regulations, they are sealed battery alarms and mains-wired alarms. The alarm features are in the name, one functions on batteries, the other installed through mains electricity. 

It is important to note that neither of these alarm systems requires Wi-Fi to function. 

As the carbon monoxide alarm is not connected to the interlinked system, these are likely to be battery operated however, the sealed battery may only last up to 10 years. 

Always ensure that you have a professional install your alarm system to ensure that they perform accurately and efficiently. 

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Keeping Motherwell Safe

At Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation we are dedicated to keeping Motherwell and all its surrounding areas as safe as first possible. Motherwell itself is known for a prominent production history as it was once known as the steel capital of Scotland and was nicknamed still opless since the middle of the 19th century. Nowadays it is known for its business sector that house is a number of business parks and call centres. In terms of its culture, it is the home of Motherwell football club that was nicknamed “Steelmen” as a nod to Motherwell’s steel production history.          

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