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If you are seeking fire alarm installation within either a domestic or commercial property, Fire alarm installers Glasgow feature a team of experienced professionals who will be able to provide you with a satisfactory and high-quality fire alarm system that will meet current requirements and restrictions.

Interlinking Smoke Alarms in Scotland – Fire Alarm Installers Glasgow 

Fire Detection Legislation 2022

This is, at present, particularly important, especially due to the new regulations and updates to the Scottish law. The new law requires every home in Scotland, by February 2022, to have interlinked fire alarms.

Interlinked alarms will consist of an alarm within your main and most used room, which tends to be the living room. An alarm within transmission space on each story of your house. For example, hallways or landings. Finally a heat alarm will be installed in your kitchen area. A carbon monoxide alarm is also required within any room where a carbon-fuelled appliance is situated. For example, a gas cooker or boiler.

These devices have the ability to provide homeowners with early detection and warning for any signs of fires. Therefore it is important for them to be installed accurately and effectively within your property. As Titus Fire and Security engineers are experts within their trade, they have the utmost knowledge and a significant amount of experience installing a wide variety of fire alarms to protect your home, family, and yourself.

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Two types of smoke alarms 

Your home size and layout, including how many stories your home consists of, will influence and affect what type of alarm will be installed within your property. An alarm is necessary on every floor within your home.

Photoelectric detectors

Acknowledge and respond quickly to slower burning fires that produce excess amounts of smoke.

Ionization detectors 

Acknowledge and respond quickly to rapid flaming fires that burst into flames immediately with less sign of smoke.

It is important to note that a combination smoke alarm includes both detectors for maximum safety. The two types of interlinked fire alarms that meet the requirements of the new rules are sealed battery alarms, as well as mains-wired alarms. Our experienced engineers will be able to provide you with additional information on the most suitable option of alarm. They will also select the most fitting location for it to be installed on your ceilings.

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The importance of fire alarms is necessary to divert attention towards. These devices have been proven to make a large difference in the reduction of fatalities and harm imposed by fires. To keep Glasgow safe, it is important to ensure that your friends, family, and yourself are educated on the effectiveness of fire alarm systems. Prominent updated legislation will be compulsory to follow from February 2022.

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