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In the UK, levels of crime are on the rise and criminals and burglars are becoming more and more proficient and sneaky in achieving their goals, and what better target for them than a completely unprotected home. So, if you don’t have a security system installed, or you fear your system is outdated and lacking in the security it provides. Then call CCTV Installation Wrexham today and we can help. In Wrexham, we are widely regarded as the number one CCTV installer. We offer many various services to cover all possible CCTV and alarm system related work, ranging from new installations to repair and management of existing systems.

Our CCTV cameras

We stock a number of different CCTV cameras, each suited to a different task. Our product range include such staples as HD CCTV cameras, dome style CCTV cameras and bullet style CCTV cameras. However, we also install cutting edge cameras such as infra-red night vision cameras, 4K cameras and PTZ cameras. 

PTZ cameras, or pan tilt zoom cameras are an interesting development in the field of CCTV cameras and have many advantages. PTZ cameras are capable of panning, tilting and zooming, which gives this type of camera added utility as the field of view is not locked on one area and is therefore highly dynamic and in certain circumstances can offer full 360-degree field of view. The zoom feature paired with the excellent video quality of PTZ cameras can also allow for facial recognition, or even recognition of car registration plates. PTZ cameras lend themselves excellently to remote viewing systems. Remote viewing is the ability to view the camera feed remotely at any time, using an internet enabled device or the accompanied app. When paired with remote viewing PTZ cameras shine and grant you full control. 

Our alarm systems

Our range of alarm systems is equally as extensive and diverse as our CCTV camera range. We install many different alarm systems, from simple glass break detectors, all the way to full entry control alarm systems. Our alarm systems can be set up in a way that suits your needs, so whether you have a pet that needs accommodating, or any other specific requirement, we can help. We also offer a comprehensive existing system improvement service, that is specifically designed to discover your systems weak point and develop options to improve and strengthen your existing system to improve your overall security.

We are local to Wrexham

We are a CCTV installer who is based in Wrexham, with engineers who come from Wrexham too, we are therefore uniquely qualified to help the residents of Wrexham with their security requirements as we know first-hand the levels of crime present in Wrexham. Crime is a constant threat in Wrexham and this manifest itself in Her Majesties Prison Berwyn, which is nearby and is situated in Wrexham County Borough. 

While we deeply care for and love Wrexham, we understand it has its issues with crime, which is why we strive to cover all of Wrexham and its population from the scourge of crime. Call us on 01978 801 186.

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