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Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Southend-on-Sea is here to defend you, your family, and your loved ones. Further, we can do this by installing one of our advanced CCTV systems and advise with a combination of other security measures.

Further, despite the living in the digital age, there are also some hindrances. Indubitably break-ins are emerging more skills, applying technology to their new devices. Extremely, using this to break into your business or home. Therefore, shielding your home had never been more complicated. Mostly, never feel unsafe in your own home again; get one of our sophisticated CCTV systems.

Moreover, not only do investigations show that CCTV at your home or business does lessen the probability of a crime happening at that grounds. Also, the potential thief will go on to another home that does not have CCTV. Also, another purpose of CCTV is to give evidence; it could be used as legit proof in court if the unimaginable were to occur.

Some assets cannot be replaced – get your CCTV package today.

Britain has one of the Highest Crime Rates in Europe

As you may be concerned, Britain is one of the most burgled countries in Europe; the high crime rates are mainly made up of burglaries and robberies. Shockingly, these figures can be found on Google and most influential newspapers. Not only do these experiments demonstrate that CCTV in a home does reduce the probability of a crime happening in that home. But the potential intruder will go on to another family that does not have CCTV.

Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Southend-on-Sea – Installations

Primarily, Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Southend-on-Sea typical CCTV installations would include a multitude of the following:

Full HD 1080P Cameras, IR Night Vision Cameras, Full HD 1080P DVR HDD Recording, multi-function wireless communication with our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, Distant admittance from your smartphone, tablet, and PC. Every CCTV System from CSS includes: Connexion by our skilled in-house teams, Comprehensive warranty and CSS service support, Peace of mind from a NACOSS ISO 9002 approved installer

Call Titus Alarm & CCTV Maintenance Southend-on-Sea

Contact Titus Alarm & CCTV Maintenance Southend-on-Sea for more info on safety to your home and business. Further, installing the CCTV camera – the agent against intruders.  Further, we are a local installation business, operating in Southend-on-Sea, and our name is depended on throughout the area, for our great service, welcoming, professional manner, and excellent equipment.

Please call us today on 01702411930, for a free non-obligational quote.

Southend-on-Sea Shopping

This was not always the case with many independent stores closing in the 1970s and 1980s – Keddies (department store), J L Dixons (department store), Brightwells (department store), Garons (grocers, caterers and cinema), Owen Wallis (ironmongers and toys),Bermans (sports and toys), J Patience (photographic retailers) & R. A. Jones (jewellers) being the most notable. One of Southend’s most notable business, Schofield and Martin, was purchased by Waitrose in 1944 with the name being used until the 1960s. The Alexandra Street branch was the first Waitrose store in 1951 to be made self-service. Further, Southend is home to the largest store in the Waitrose portfolio

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