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Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Sittingbourne are an outstanding safety and protection business focusing on the fitment of CCTV, Burglar Alarms, and various other security measures. Importantly, we provide both local and business CCTV.

Also, CCTV Installation Sittingbourne lets your security system grow and adjust as your needs do. So not only are you protected from robberies, break-ins, and criminals, you are also able to change the way you stay and run from day-to-day knowing you will be notified if there is any change

CCTV Installers Sittingbourne

Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Sittingbourne require only the number one housing, business Expert CCTV and access control equipment is completed and installed. Further, most of our CCTV installations in Sittingbourne and neighbouring areas classically contain a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) control centre with many record and playback options together with cameras using the newest progressive night vision ability without the vital for any adding infra lighting. With the array of cameras and control options available, they fit most budgets and products, and all are entirely outstanding.

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  • Free Survey and Conference
  • Next-Day Quotations
  • Smartphone Access
  • High Definition Picture
  • Access via your PC, Television, or Monitor.
  • Action Detection
  • Same Day Repairing
  • Expertly Trained Installers And fitters.
  • Full Set Up And Advice
  • Day and Night Vision Cameras.
  • CCTV Security cameras Available With Full Internet Access
  • low Pricing
  • 12-month free warranty
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Home and Business Protection Camera installation and maintenance Basildon

Protect your Woking business

Every business owner wants the confidence of knowing their business is well protected. And while no CCTV security resolution can deter 100% of offenders 100% of the time, a CCTV safety meeting with us will go a long way to making your safety measures the most effective they can be. Why not contact us today to book a consultation?

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Titus Alarm CCTV Installation Sittingbourne have exceptional results and only use modern technology to make sure our service has high customer services. Overall, it would be beneficial if you had expert advice from a firm that hand-picks qualified fitters and suppliers. Call Titus Alarm CCTV Installation today for specialist advice. Call us today on 01323400879.

Titus Alarm CCTV Installer Sittingbourne are expert alarm and CCTV engineers, with your protection as our primary motivation. Also, we will notify you of the appropriate location of the cameras, for complete efficacy. Further, there are numerous qualities of CCTV to take into account that merely an able business can support you with. Overall, CCTV is only one disincentive against misconduct. Consequently, we urge you to bring together with further corruption prevention dimensions, for example, an intruder alarm – All of which we can advise you on—Call us on 01795 500 410 today for expert knowledge.


There is evidence of settlement in the area before 2000 BC, with farming and trading tribes living inland to avoid the attack, yet close enough to access the sea at Milton Creek. In AD 43 the Romans invaded Kent, and to make access quicker between London and Dover, built Watling Street, which passed straight through Sittingbourne. As a point where sea access met road access, the port of Milton Regis became the Roman administrative centre for the area, with some 20 villas so far discovered.

However, Sittingbourne remained a minor hamlet throughout Roman times. Also, most Roman finds in this area were due to the efforts of 19th-century brick makers who used topsoil to make bricks, and uncovered the finds; and preserved thanks to banker George Payne, who preserved or bought materials and published his works in 1893 in Collectanea Cantiana

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