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Crime is undoubtably on the rise, which is why it is now more important than ever to protect your home and those you love. We at Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Scarborough are CCTV and alarm installers that are on hand to help you become protected from any threat or danger you are likely to face. Our selection of CCTV cameras and alarm systems is nigh on endless, with each system being tailored to a different situation and different threat.

Our range of products

We supply and install cameras from every major brand. Our cameras range from small and easily hidden cameras that are designed to not draw attention and to be overlooked, all the way to the most sophisticated and tamper resistant cameras available anywhere on the market. Furthermore, we offer cameras that are capable of still detecting and recording intruders who decide to attack at night, this is achieved by a number of various strategies, be that something as simple as a motion activated floodlight that can actively deter a criminal by exposing him. An additional benefit of motion activated floodlights is that they render even standard cameras useful at night. However, we of course offer more high-tech solutions such as infra-red night vision cameras that can see perfectly in the night despite emitting no visible light.

Our range of alarm systems is equally as deep and diverse. Our products include; burglar alarms, passive infra-red sensors, motion detectors, reactive systems, glass-break detectors and much more. A particularly exciting alarm system are those are capable of recognizing you, the homeowner, and differentiating you from an intruder. Many different methods are employed to achieve this, such as fobs that you keep on your person that transmit a signal to the alarm system and prevents it from tripping upon your entry into the property.

However, we understand that many customers are accustomed to their current system and do not wish to change to a completely new system. Which is why we offer an extensive range of services centred around strengthening and improving your level of protection, while utilising as much of the existing hardware as possible. Many systems can be bolstered by many simple modern additions that are now considered standard. Furthermore, we can repair faulty systems and run state of the art diagnostic tests to diagnose the underlying problem and allow for swift alleviation of the issue.

Modern and sophisticated

Our engineers are all from Scarborough and its surrounding area, with countless hours of experience on the job and are therefore uniquely qualified to assist you with diagnosing likely threats and dangers, as well as discovering solutions that permit perfect protection while still being budget friendly. Our engineers are all highly trained and regularly appraised to ensure that their skills and knowledge is as cutting edge as the products we install. Furthermore, all our engineers are friendly and happy to help in any way they can, particularly with supplying you with the best customer service and satisfaction it is possible to give.

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