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Welcome to Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Macclesfield. Home security systems are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom and their appeal is easy to see. Not only do security systems act as a visual deterrent to crime and criminals, but they also make break ins and similar crime much harder and less likely to succeed. Furthermore, home security systems increase your options for legal recourse, as you will have a plethora of evidence at your disposal to provide to the police and make the identification and apprehension of the criminal as straightforward as possible. 

Also, a little mentioned benefit of home security systems is the effect they have on your mental wellbeing, having a security system installed in your house allows it to feel more like your home and allows you to feel safer and more at ease at home, allowing you to focus on your family or other such important things and not having to worry about the possibility of a break in. 

So, what services do we offer?

We offer a near infinite number of services, each specially designed for a certain situation or customer. Our range of CCTV cameras is vast and encompasses everything from HD cameras to wireless cameras. Wireless cameras are perhaps our most modern and up to date offering, they are a very interesting prospect and is definitely a product we would recommend.

Wireless cameras have many advantages and only very few disadvantages compared to normal fully wired cameras, the main advantages are easy to see, the lack of cables grants increased flexibility as to where they can be installed as a power source is all they require and also increased resistance to tampering and low skill attack as there are little to no cables coming into or out of the unit. Furthermore, due to them often being connected to an internet connection, most wireless cameras are remote viewing enabled and allow you to see the camera feed remotely, no matter where you are, as long as you have access to a device that has an internet connection or has the associated app. 

The only notable disadvantages of wireless cameras are that they must have an internet connection and that they are generally more complex and complicated to set up, however, this is no issue for our highly trained engineers. Overall, if you are considering installing a CCTV system, we would highly recommend considering wireless cameras as we believe that they truly are the future. 

Local to you and Macclesfield

We are a Macclesfield CCTV installer and we cover all of Macclesfield and the surrounding area. We have a strong moral obligation to protecting our fellow Macclesfield residents, which is why we strive to offer the most flexible and customer orientated protection possible. However, we are not limited to domestic properties and can assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their desired level of protection. We are based in Macclesfield, as are our engineers, which allows us to have a deep and intimate understanding of the threats and security challenges you are likely to face in your area of Macclesfield. Call us on 01625 461 241.

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