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Titus Alarm & CCTV system Installation Gillingham are the first choice for CCTV Installation And Repairs; we aim to safeguard the people, belongings and properties you value most. Importantly, our security Camera Installation provides you with peace of mind that you are being protected. CCTV as a deterrent is one of the number one reason why housing and business clients in Gillingham want to fit or upgrade their CCTV cameras and security systems.

Further, with homes and offices in Gillingham having many valuables inside we understanding protecting them is more critical than ever Mainly,  from protecting your employees to office appliances such of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles and another tech. Chiefly, it’s more vital than ever to make sure your CCTV camera fitting offers a security system that’s ready to fight the danger posed by sly and shrewd thieves, burglars and vandals.

Overall, Titus Alarm & CCTV Installation Gillingham is here to assist you with all your security needs. Also, our specialists have the abilities and knowledge to make sure your CCTV cameras and safety structures are suited for purpose and ready to safeguard your essential commercial and residential property in Gillingham.

CCTV Cameras

Importantly, we know with and understanding of every type of CCTV camera installation possible, including:

  • Highly visible security systems
  • Hidden cameras
  • Outdoor security cameras.
  • Comprehensive indoor and outdoor security systems

Also, whether you would like to fit CCTV systems in and around your home for the first time, or to update your work set-up, we are the first local CCTV camera company you should call.

Domestic And Commercial CCTV Installations

For this kind of work, you must get the specialists in; our technicians know what it takes to install you a CCTV system that’s ready to safeguard everything you hold dear. Above all, we can offer an excellent CCTV installation service that covers all types of security systems.

Motion Detection

By getting Titus Alarm & CCTV Installer Gillingham to undertake your CCTV technician, you can be 100% sure that your CCTV security structure will be ready to provide the peace of mind you desire.

As well as a disincentive, home security cameras can also be used by the police to track down all kinds of offenders, thieves, and burglars. That is another important reason to get them installed.

  • Wireless and IP Security Cameras for remote access
  • Night Vision and Day Cameras
  • Internet Security Cameras

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As mentioned, call us today on 01634563002 and speak to our Titus Alarm & CCTV installers. Above all, get your home safety system fitted today.

Gillingham History

War with France began again in 1778, and once more it was necessary to strengthen the defences. Fort Amherst was the first to be improved; it was followed by work beginning in 1800 to add others at Fort Pitt, Chatham, plus Fort Delce and Fort Clarence (both in Rochester); later in the 19th-century others were added, including one at Fort Darland in Gillingham. Within all these buildings, a barracks was built to house the soldiers. All this work, and the expansion of the dockyard, meant that more homes were needed for the workers. The position of the Lines meant that this building could only happen beyond, and so New Brompton came into being. The population rose to 9,000 people by 1851.

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