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How to change a fire alarm batteryMany home and business owners need a household safety system but don’t understand where to start, so we at Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone are here to help! First, selecting the correct safety system for your home and budget is no simple chore – there’s a comprehensive variety of systems available. Notably, you are incoming into a world occupied with technical jargon. Our Simple Guide to Burglar Alarms cuts out the jargon and provides all the information required to make an informed decision before you purchase. Significantly, Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone can help you today.

Professional Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone

A professional alarm fit should always start with a site study completed by an engineer from your selected alarm company such as Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone. Importantly, our engineer will evaluate your safety weaknesses and design a domestic or commercial security system to exceed with your precise needs. Further, the site analysis is free of charge and can be done the same day as you call.

Local Alarm Companies and Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone

Importantly, all of our customers are delighted with our services at Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone and recommend us to their family and friends. Notably, ask friends, relatives and neighbours if we provide their alarm and if so they will tell you how efficient our systems are.

Further, our alarms are easy to use and operate efficiently, and we are on hand to answer any of your questions from 7 am to 9 pm every day. It is important to note, we provide the best maintenance and monitoring packages, to ensure your alarm abides by your insurance plans.

Wireless Alarms

Notably, wireless alarms are more straightforward and less troublesome to install. Notably, there’s no need to uplift carpets to put the cables under floorboards, move fittings or drill holes through walls. This usually lowers the installation cost, when matched to a hard-wired system. Also, wireless alarms are compact, so can be cut off temporarily for painting or forever if you decide to move home.

Hard Wired Alarms

Importantly, hard-wired alarm systems are usually deemed more robust, and dependable and need less maintenance. Also, a hard-wired alarm system would typically be installed by a specialist to hide the cables, thus increasing the installation cost.

Call Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone

Overall, call Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Maidstone for more guidance on safeguarding your home, and having the alarms that will ensure your protection and keep down coverage prices. Further, we are a local firm and have been working in Maidstone for over 25 years. Further, our firm is trusted and known for our dependable for all our locals all through the area.  Additionally, we would welcome the chance to make sure your house is safe and offer this at a low rare; you will not want to turn it down.  Call us on 01622 232 178. 


Maidstone’s charter as a town was granted in 1549; although briefly revoked, a new charter in 1551 created the town as a borough. Also, the charter was ratified in 1619 under James I, and the coat of arms was designed, bearing a golden lion and a representation of the river (in heraldic terms. Also, or, a fess wavy Azure between three roundels gules, on a chief Gules a leopard passant gardant Or). Recently to these arms were added the head of a white horse (representing Invicta, the motto of the county of Kent), a golden lion and an iguanodon. Additionally, the iguanodon relates to the discovery in the 19th century of the fossilised remains of that dinosaur, now in the Natural History Museum in London. Maidstone has had the

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