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At Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Smethwick, we want to protect you from crimes like robbery and assault. Therefore, we developed a technology that significantly reduces the risk of intrusion. You can utilise our system as important video evidence in the event that a crime is committed.

Our top concern at Titus Alarm and CCTV Installer Smethwick is the protection of our clients. As a result, we have created very functional and user-friendly technologies. We also offer a free call-out service and a free estimate to all potential customers.

CCTV Installation Smethwick

At Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Smethwick, a variety of CCTV systems are accessible. include our corporate structure. All commercial properties in and surrounding the region have access to this. Our solutions have been created to be user-friendly and economical.

We also provide a wireless system at Titus Alarm and CCTV Installer Smethwick. Our skilled installers can give you a flawless installation and, if necessary, future updates.

At Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Smethwick, we have created an app. allowing you to enjoy remote watching from any location in the world. You may access live video with 4K UHD resolution using your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

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Before installing a CCTV system for you, one of our engineers will do a thorough risk analysis. Consequently, we can guarantee that we are fully aware of your security demands and are able to provide the finest solution.

We will then provide you a short and transparent project proposal. enabling you to view the full scope of the necessary work. Whatever your needs may be, we promise to fulfil them.

We only employ the most up-to-date, thoroughly examined equipment to guarantee that we are giving you the greatest system. enabling us to surpass industry benchmarks.

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Whatever your security requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us so we can begin the process of securing your home.

Whether it’s to book an appointment, or make an enquiry we are always happy to help.

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About Smethwick 

Smethwick was mostly a rural community with farming being the major economic activity until the end of the 18th century. According to records from 1499, Halesowen Abbey had a water mill by the name of Briddismylne, which is believed to have been on the more modern Thimblemill site. A mill in the Hockley Brook is listed as being owned by a Mr. Lane in 1659. The mill that gave the neighbourhood its name, “Windmill Lane,” was constructed on land that miller William Croxall purchased in 1803. In 1949, the remaining portion of the windmill construction was destroyed.

The route of the canal, passing through the valley of the Hockley Brook, the boundary with Handsworth on the northside of Smethwick, resulted in most of the heavy industry being located there.The railway was opened in 1852.


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