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Titus Fire and Security are an SSAIB accredited company 

 So how does that benefit you? Well, the remit of the SSAIB as a certification body is to look out for the interests of the consumer. By enforcing strict quality and performance standards, you know that any certified provider has met those standards, as assessed by an impartial third party. 



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Titus Fire & Security are an Approved Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance Company for all your Domestic & Commercial needs. Titus Fire & Security are Approved Contractors for many Property Factors, Governing Bodies, Electrical Contractors, Construction Companies, Retail Outlets, Care Homes and Charitable Organisations.


Change in Scottish Laws- February 2022

It is now law that every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms by February 2022.

Being interlinked means if one alarm goes off, they all go off. You may not always hear the alarm closest to the fire, especially if you’re somewhere else in the house. An interlinked system will alert you immediately.

What you need to do

If you are a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your home meets the new fire alarms standard.

By February 2022 every house must have:

·         1 smoke alarm in the room you spend most of the day, usually your living room

·         1 smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings

·         1 heat alarm in the kitchen


 Titus Fire & Security offer a FREE estimate on all smoke alarms. 

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Alarm Systems

Why have an alarm system installed? These trusted sources explain why!

Aviva Insurance:

“Having a burglar alarm fitted in your home is one way to protect what matters most to you.”

“9.73 million homes in the UK have experienced burglaries, break-ins, or attempted break-ins 1. Installing a home alarm can deter thieves from attempting to break into your house, as well as notify you and the authorities if there’s a break-in.”

“To help you decide which home alarm is best for you, we’ve listed the types of alarms you can choose, the standards systems should meet and how to look after them.”

The British Insurance Brokers Association: 

“An intruder alarm system is a commonly used security measure that prevents or mitigates a variety of crimes (burglary, robbery, malicious damage and arson) at home and business premises and is widely recognised by insurers.”

The Crime prevention Website:

“During research interviews by criminologists and post arrest interviews by me and many of my colleagues over the years, most burglars (who expressed a preference)said that they were definitely put off by alarms! “

At Titus Fire & Security we’re at the forefront of home security, supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing systems to protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions.

Titus Fire & Security will carry out a free site survey that will highlight your premises’ needs. Call now on 07868 809 722 or 0800 470 3774.

Working together to ensure work is carried out safely in your home. The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating in the UK. But now we can finally look beyond lockdown and start to get the country working again.

This THREE – PART GUIDE will help you know what to do before, while and after you have our engineers working for you and your family.

With our fire, alarm & CCTV systems, we offer a flexible range of service contracts and extended warranties for total peace of mind.


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