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Fire Alarm Installers East Kilbride. An update to Scottish Legislation has been introduced on the 1st of February 2022. That marks the date that indicates that all homes within Scotland must have an interlinked fire alarm system. The Scottish Government has taken a coherent and safe approach to maximise the safety and wellbeing of Scottish homeowners and residents.

This law has strategically come into place following the destruction, injuries, and fatalities that took place in 2017 in North Kensington, London. The Grenfell Tower tragedy is an event that will always imprint our minds as the most tragic residential fire the UK has witnessed since the Second World War. It is believed that we must take extra caution towards residential fires and their significant impacts.

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Alarm placement

 Now to elaborate on the newly proposed interlinked fire alarm system law. This alarm system differentiates from past alarm systems as firstly, it involves additional alarms within the household, and secondly, when one alarm goes off, they all go off. Ultimately, this results in quicker fire detection from wherever an individual may be within the property. Titus Fire and Security can effectively meet the new necessary placement requirements by using their extensive knowledge to place the alarms on the most appropriate ceilings within your home.

The new rules instruct that one alarm should be placed in the room that is considered the main room of the home, which is most likely to be your living room. As well as this, another alarm must be placed in the circulation areas of your home, which includes any landings or each storey of your home. Finally, a heat detector must be situated within your kitchen area.

Alongside interlinked alarm systems, any room of your property that features a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a fire or boiler, a carbon monoxide detector must be present. Carbon monoxide gas is lethal and can impose serious damage that has detrimental effects. These detectors are crucial as unlike fires, CO cannot be seen. 

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Two forms of integrated alarm systems

When preparing to install your new alarm system, you must consider if you would prefer the devices to be battery sealed or mains-wired alarms. The clue is in the name. Battery sealed alarms operate through sealed batteries that tend to last up to 10 years and will provide a less technical installation process. Whereas, mains-wired alarms are a less expensive option and provide greater safety protection making them more efficient overall. 

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Let’s keep our city safe

These regulations have been established for a reason, to reduce home damage, injuries, and most significantly fatalities from occurring, therefore they are necessary to follow. Educate your family and peers about the new regulations so that we can continue to keep South Lanarkshire safe.

About East Kilbride

The town is enclosed by the White Cart Water to the west and the Rotten Calder Water to the east, the latter flowing northwards adjacent to Blantyre, before joining the River Clyde opposite Daldowie near Cambuslang. This area was previously the site of the small village of East Kilbride, prior to its post-war development into a New Town. The old village still survives and is integrated with the town close to its town centre.

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