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Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby has been providing services for intruder alarm installation in Rugby for a considerable period. Also, backed by our knowledge and excellent knowledge, we can provide services that meet the most excellent standards of client satisfaction.

Further, our determination to provide quality at all times has led to Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby being accepted as a reputable name for intruder alarm installation in Rugby and nearby areas.

Additionally, we work to alleviate the safety concerns of a broad spectrum of clients. Adding variety to our attitude, we cater to both the home and the industrial sector in Rugby. Further, our customers come from diverse backgrounds and have various requirements. Our team of specialists listen to their requirements and then suggest the best potential security alarm solution.

Wired and Wireless Alarms

Our service is not only restricted to the intruder alarm system in Rugby. We always believe in providing all-inclusive solutions to safeguard the full security of our clients. Apart from fitmets of burglar alarms, we also help with servicing maintenance packages. Hence, because of this approach, we are currently recognised as experts for intruder alarm installation in Rugby and afield.

At, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby we specify in the installation of both wired and wireless intruder alarm machines that are intended to give fool-proof protection to any premise. Further safeguarding the ease of functionality, our intruder alarms can be set with a straightforward button press and unset using a code or a Key Fob.

Security Alarm Systems​

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby always recommend the best ​protection alarm system​ decided by your specific requirements, with three main alternatives available.

  • Audible Only Systems:​ Depend On on noise and flashing lights to warn passers to phone the police. Not related to an ARC, this ​alarm system​ is more appropriate for homeowners.
  • Monitored Systems:​ Highly suggested for commercial and commercial customers, they are usually recorded with the police via a Distinctive Reference Number and frequently have an audible delay to enhance the chances of finding an intruder. If a intruder alarm is activated, our ARC operators can notify the police.
  • Wireless Systems:​ Using the newest ​alarm solutions​, these systems are fast and inexpensive to install, are flexible and can be connected to mobile phones for remote access.

Why Choose Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby?

  • Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Rugby is the most prominent independent safety solutions provider in the South West
  • NSI Gold accredited for the installation, maintenance, and checking of safety alarm systems
  • We cover Devon, Cornwall, Avon, Dorset and Somerset, with offices in both Plymouth and Wellington
  • Quality Assured
  • Titus deliver the highest levels of customer service
  • We have unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise 

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