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Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Darlington supply, fit and repair burglar alarms in Darlington for both local and commercial clients. Mainly, wireless burglar alarm systems provide better flexibility, permitting us to integrate sensors and alarms which expand the features of your alarm system.

Burglar alarm sensors

Using the correct type of sensor and connecting it properly is frequently the distinction between a certified alarm installation and a DIY set up. A specialist installer will be aware of reasons that may lead to false alarms triggers and position sensors appropriately. All the devices below are accessible as wired or wireless alarm sensors.

  • Motion detectors Infra red movement sensors can be situated internally and externally. External devices are both weather and vandal resilient.
  • Carbon monoxide sensors warn you of dangerous carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Smoke detectors add peace of mind to warning you to a possible fire.
  • Door and window contacts safeguard doors and windows are closed before arming.
  • Pet tolerant Lets your pets to move quickly in all areas allowing you to safeguard rooms that could not be protected by standard sensors.
  • Flood sensors water triggered sensors can be placed around your buildings, outbuildings and basement to give you an initial warning of flooding or leaks.
  • Shock Sensor provides early notice of intruders trying to access external windows and doors, activating alarms before a burglar has even managed to gain access.
  • Beam detectors can span expanses of up to 150 meters and are perfect for obtaining larger domestic, business and rural land including farms, storing facilities and car parks.

Burglar Alarm notifications in Darlington

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Darlington can warn you of a device being sparked using loud and non-audible alarms. Also, we can incorporate CCTV systems to secure and display a visual feed so whoever accepts the notification can make an educated decision on any reaction required.

  • External Sirens offer a visual and audible warning outside your home.
  • Internal Sirens add extra alarms inside your premises, barns garages or garden rooms.
  • Voice call contact you with a voice call in the experience of an emergency.
  • Text message An optional GSM module can be fitted to send an SMS or voice call if you don’t have a telephone line.
  • Your burglar alarm system can be connected to an alarm monitoring service, mored details available here.

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Darlington started as an Anglo-Saxon settlement. The name Darlington derives from the Anglo-Saxon Dearthington, which seemingly meant ‘the settlement of Deornoth’s people’, but by Norman times the name had changed to Darlington. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the town was usually known by the name of Darnton.

Further, Darlington has a historic market area in the town centre. Built-in 1183, the Grade I listed St Cuthbert’s Church is one of the most important early English churches in the north of England.[6] However, the oldest church in the town happens to be that of St Andrew’s Church built around 2001 and presides in the Haughton area of Darlington.


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