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Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester highly qualified fitters can inform and create the perfect fire and protection systems for your department block, warehouse and distribution centre, or association. Mainly, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester also have a maintenance service for safety and installations. This service will ensure your apparatus is looked after so that it provides you with the security you need 365 days of the year.

Moreover, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester Safety Services extend high-end professional Burglar Alarm and HD-CCTV solutions to local and business clients

Access Control

Need an intercom or access control at your home or business? Please speak to us to examine the various options available. Mainly, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester can supply outdated numerical or card entry preparations as well as audio and visual schemes so that only official staffs can enter the building.

CCTV Systems

Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester presents a broad array of CCTV systems: small, discreet, vandal-proof, dome-type cameras; to more extensive, conventional CCTV cameras

Mobile Monitoring

Receive Push Notices on your Smartphone App or see live CCTV footage or recordings from somewhere using your mobile phone

Here at Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Chester, we are proud to be a community, to live and work in the neighbourhood we serve. Further, we are thrilled to continue a company that’s been meeting the safety needs of homeowners local to Chesterfield over the last 25 years.

Local Engineers

Covering Chester and its nearby area our skilled and outgoing fitters can fix, service and provide annual maintenance to most formerly fitted third party skilled installed system.

Importantly, from your original enquiry were here to ultimately help you with no-obligation advice, printed info and free no-obligation surveys.

So you are in the market for a new system we extend easy to use systems right up to and including the very newest Smartphone Connected technology for both burglar alarm and HD-CCTV systems and can even add a Smartphone App to most current systems if required.

Protection and Security

Throughout Derbyshire, we work throughout several industries including health, banking, government and local authority, industry, care homes and commercial buildings.

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Contact Titus Burglar Alarm Installer Chester for a free location survey. Let us know what you require, and we’ll design a customized system just for you.  Call us on 01246 381 011.


Chester History

The Roman Legio II Adiutrix during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian founded Chester in AD 79, as a “castrum” or Roman fort with the name Deva Victrix. It was established in the land of the Celtic Cornovii, according to ancient cartographer Ptolemy, as a fortress during the Roman expansion northward,[6] and was named Deva either after the goddess of the Dee,[7] or directly from the British name for the river The ‘victrix’ part of the name was taken from the title of the Legio XX Valeria Victrix which was based at Deva. Also, central Chester’s four main roads, Eastgate, Northgate, Watergate and Bridgegate, follow routes laid out at this time.

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