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Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Blackpool keep your home and loved-ones secure is one of the most crucial things to contemplate, so with that in mind, it would be sensible to look at the options available for burglar alarms for the house or business. First, with over 25 years of experience in safety alarm installation in the Blackpool area, Titus Burglar Alarm Installation Blackpool has a variety of expertise in this field. It can inform you of what will be the safest solution for you and your home.

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Why Choose Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Blackpool

  • Audible Alarms
  • Monitored Alarms with Police Response
  • Alarm linked with CCTV

Contact Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Blackpool is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Meaning you can chat immediately with our fitters and feel a ease with the process. Call us today on 01253 202 155. for a quote, and expert advice.

So, to find out which will be most acceptable and most suitable, contact us and we will be able to examine over the phone what safety alarm will be the best fit for your home and budget. If you are involved in finding out a little more on having a CCTV system related to your alarm and what that may use like, see the video below.

Security Alarms for Business, at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Blackpool

Intruder alarms for business premises tend to be somewhat more complex than the ones for home. They are often connected with both CCTV & Access control areas, for example, internal doors etc. They are also in many instances linked to a staffed monitoring office that is maintaining a watch over your home or business 24hrs a day. Also, the alarms we fix conform with the newest. Plus we can install alarms that will meet the safety grade to fit the necessity of your coverage company—further, the 24hr checking service we offer through the Blackpool. Notably, we are known throughout the industry and accepted by all insurance companies.

Why Maintain your Burglar Alarm?

If you have an alarm that needs servicing, we at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Blackpool can recommend you results at one-off costs to you, even if we did not fit the Burglar alarm. Further, we can fix or switch parts of the system to get it up and to operate. Also, we can repair and service any of the schemes from the following builders: Yale, Visonic, Infinite Prime and Compact. Also, you can select one of our upkeep packages at the time of buying an alarm from us—consistent servicing assistances to uphold the presentation of an alarm system.

Further, tailored Home Alarms provide alarm maintenance service for housing properties. Mainly, regular servicing of an alarm system guarantees the system’s dependability and durability. Also, most alarms need to be serviced annually. Notably, it is practical and cost useful to have routine alarm services done than to have breakdown repairs.


A 13,500year-old elk skeleton was found with human-made barbed bone points (probably from spears) on Blackpool Old Road in Carleton in 1970. Further, now displayed in the Harris Museum, this provided the first evidence of humans living on the Fylde as far back as the Palaeolithic era. Also, the Fylde was home to a British tribe, the Setantii (the “dwellers in the water”) a sub-tribe of the Brigantes, who from about AD80 were controlled by Romans from their fort at Cowbridge, Kirkham. During the Roman occupation, the area was covered by oak forests and bogland.

English’s Lancashire is home to the coastal resort of Blackpool. It serves as the primary settlement for the borough commonly known as Blackpool, which is situated on the northwest coast of England. The town, which is 27 miles north of Liverpool and 40 miles northwest of Manchester, is located by the Irish Sea between the Ribble and Wyre rivers. Blackpool’s unitary authority was expected to have 139,720 residents as of the 2011 Census, whereas the urban settlement had 147,663 residents.

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