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keep your home safe

Keep your home safe

Make it work. Some simple home security tips.

Clean your security cameras. Burglars are more likely to attempt a break-in if the security system looks worn, outdated, or broken so it is important to keep it clean. Dusting down your alarm box, CCTV system or smart doorbell shows opportunist intruders your device is still in use and warns them off your property. we can help you keep your home safe.

If you don’t have one consider installing a home security system – as even the sight of one alone can prevent a burglar from trying their luck.

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Secure your letterbox

We don’t think of letterboxes as security risks, however, these seemingly harmless portals can give burglars easy access to your belongings.

A quick look through your letterbox will reveal anything valuable like keys lying close by and in some cases, intruders may even be able to open the latch via your letterbox using specialist tools.

Keep your letterbox secure by fitting draft excluders or a cage and keep all valuable items safely out of sight to prevent break-ins.

Personalise your belongings

Personalised items are a nightmare for burglars. Customised engravings and labels on property make it harder for thieves to sell-on the goods. Plus, they’re easier for the police to identify.

Where possible, consider personalising valuables with your name, telephone number or address. This will make it harder for burglars to get a good price for it and also help the items get returned to you if found.

Services like Immobilise also let you register your valuable belongings on a database, helping the authorities return them to you if found.


Fire Alarm Maintenance – Detecting Disasters

Break-ins aren’t the only risk to your home. Everyday hazards like leaks and flooding can damage the foundations and structures of your home, stripping away its value.

Like security alarm systems, you can also get alarms that detect other potential household hazards. Fitting a flood alarm near water pipes or washing machines means, if leaking water comes into contact with the device, the alarm will sound and you can tackle the problem straight away.

Similarly, carbon monoxide alarms sound when high concentrations of the poisonous gas are detected in the home and smoke detectors alert neighbours at the early signs of a house fire. 

Also, consider installing a fire door or transforming your existing doors. A fire door can hold back a fire for up to 60 minutes, giving your family precious time to escape danger if the worst happens.

Adding self-closing devices, applying fire-resistant glazing and using intumescent seals – which expand upon reaching a certain temperature – help transform regular bedroom doors into protective fire doors.

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