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It is important to follow the Scottish Government’s new regulations regarding fire alarm systems. From February 1st, 2022 all properties must adopt the interlinked fire alarm system. To increase the accuracy and reliability of these alarms, it is always best to have a professional install the system. Fire alarm installers Wishaw will be able to help. With a team of experienced professionals, the installation process will be quick, and hassle-free. 

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What Does the Interlinked Fire Alarm System Include and How Can Fire Alarm Installers Wishaw Help?

The new rules have guided requirements as to where the devices should be placed throughout your home. The interlinked system is comprised of a few fire alarms, alongside a heat alarm for your kitchen area. 

One fire alarm must be placed on the ceiling of the main room of your property. For most, this is usually the living room area. Another alarm must be placed on the downstairs ceiling of circulation areas. This will probably be your downstairs hallway. Another alarm will be required for the upstairs circulation area of your home. 

When choosing your alarm system, you have two options. Your alarms can either be a mains-wired or sealed battery alarm. Although both alarms have differences, sealed battery alarms are more popular. But it is important to consider that the lithium batteries used within will require changing. A quick and easy way to test out the battery function is to light a match and carefully place it underneath a chosen alarm. We are sure that the sound will indicate how well the alarm is functioning. 

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Carbon Monoxide Detector 

If your home features a carbon-fuelled appliance, such as a boiler or gas fire, a carbon monoxide detector is crucial. Carbon monoxide gas is known as the silent killer. When consumed in large doses, it can be lethal, and result in death. Within the UK, there are around 60 carbon monoxide associated deaths per year. This could be massively reduced within the upcoming years if all residents take this installation approach. Do not risk it. Always ensure that the safety and security of your household are maximised.

Past Fires and Protecting Scottish Residents 

The Scottish law came into place following the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. The 24-storey high-rise flats were destroyed after a malfunctioning fridge freezer went up in flames on the 4th floor. At the beginning of June 2021, the BBC reported a residential fire in the Bellshill area of North Lanarkshire. The picture showing the smoke seeping from the home is unpleasant to see. However, thankfully there were no reported casualties or fatalities. Although the cause of fires is sometimes unavoidable, with the new system, we can ensure attention is brought to a fire break out sooner. This allows for a quick escape and evacuation for residents. 

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