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In light of the recent laws set in place by the Scottish Government, it is important to highlight the importance of fire safety. From February 1st, 2022, each property in Scotland is required to have an interlinked fire alarm system. Fire breakouts and damage can happen to anyone, at any time, but fire alarm installers Musselburgh can help.   

With the new interlinked fire alarm system in place, attention to fire breakouts should be quicker and more accurate. With several alarm systems throughout the home, they will be able to detect a fire as soon as it breaks out. Not only that, no matter where you are within the property, you will be sure to hear the alarm. 


Fire Alarm Installers Musselburgh Installation Process

You may be asking yourself, what is the interlinked fire alarm system, and how does this system differ from the one already in our homes?   

First off, an alarm will be fitted to the ceiling of your main room. This would usually be in the living room area. However, if you would prefer it to be placed in a more discrete area, this could be discussed with the fire alarm installers Musselburgh team. An alarm will also be placed in the circulation area of your home. This is usually within a hallway or landing of your property. It is important to note that if your home is three storey’s you may need an additional alarm.  A heat alarm will also be installed on your kitchen ceiling. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector 

If your home features a carbon-fuelled appliance such as a boiler or a gas fire, a carbon monoxide detector will be necessary. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled in large doses, can be lethal. Known as the silent killer, the gas has no taste or smell. Therefore, these devices are vital in detecting its presence as you would never be made aware of it otherwise. 

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Types of Alarm Systems

It is important to acknowledge whether you would prefer your alarm system to be a mains-wired or sealed battery alarm. There are different features to both alarms so it would be wise to discuss this with a member of our team if you are unsure. 


Let’s Keep East Lothian & the Rest of Scotland Safe

These new rules are regulations have been set into place following the Grenfell Tower catastrophe. This detrimental event started from a malfunctioning fridge freezer on the fourth floor. Although over two hundred residents managed to escape the property, others were not as fortunate. With over seventy injured, and sadly over seventy people killed, more accurate fire alarms could have reduced these numbers. Therefore, following the new law is vital in maximising protection measures. Educate your household and others on fire safety measures, and ensure that regular checks are performed on your fire alarm system.  

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