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Fire outbreaks can be detrimental. The thought of a fire occurring can also be a worrying topic for many, especially if one were to break out within their home. Following the tragedy within the Grenfell Tower in London, the UK was exposed to the damaging effects that fire and smoke can truly have on residents. The fire outbreak on the 24-storey block of flats is known to be the worst UK residential fire since World War Two. As a country, we want to avoid an event as disastrous as this one from happening again. With the help of fire alarm installers Kilwinning, you can ensure that your home has maximum safety measures within it.

Fire Alarm Installers Kilwinning – Installation

The Scottish Government has provided a guideline for where the alarms should be placed within your home. It is important to note that the alarms should be placed within your property by the 1st of February 2022. Try to have your alarms installed as close to this deadline as possible for maximum security. 

Firstly, you must have an alarm placed on the ceiling of the main room of your home. This is likely to be the living room, or if you would prefer for it to be more discreet, you could place it in a downstairs home office or dining room. Secondly, you must have a heat alarm within your kitchen. This is a strategic decision as the kitchen is the room where a fire break out would most likely occur due to the excessive number of appliances. Finally, the last part of your interlinked system will be featured in a circulation area of your home which will be landings or hallways.  

A carbon monoxide detector also falls under the new requirements, although it is not directly linked to the alarm system. It most likely to be a battery sealed device. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Do not put yourself and your family at risk if you have carbon-fuelled appliances situated anywhere within your home. It is not worth the consequences!

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Fire Alarm Importance and Operation 

These small devices situated in our homes are vital in protecting us, and our homes. They are so important as they will sound in the emergency of a fire outbreak. It is vital to regularly check these devices, as not all fire alarms are mains-wired. Most fire alarms are sealed battery alarms meaning that they require lithium batteries to operate. These batteries usually need to be replaced every ten years. The devices can also be regularly checked by lighting a match and carefully placing it under the alarm. The sound will indicate how well it is operating. Let’s keep our neighbours, peers, family, and ourselves safe by highlighting the importance of the new interlinked system to others. Play your part in fire safety today and educate others.  


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