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The Scottish Government has established new legislation from 1st February 2022. It requires all residential buildings to have an interlinked fire alarm system. If you own a commercial property, it would be wise to install it too. This new system should alert homeowners and residents of fire danger a lot quicker. The reason being is that when one alarm detects a fire, they all do. That means that you will hear the system wherever you are within your home.

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Fire Alarm Installers Kilmarnock – Installation Process

You may be wondering how this system installation differs from the previous alarm within your property. There are new requirements for the placement and positioning of your device around your home. With the help of the Titus Fire and Security team, the alarms will be fixed in the most accurate and efficient spots.  

Firstly, you must have an alarm within the main room of your home. This is most likely to be the living room. However, if you would prefer it to be positioned more discreetly there are other options. For example, a downstairs office or dining room. The other alarm(s) will be fixed within a circulation area of the home. For example, hallways or landings. This is a must-have for each floor within your home. The more levels equal the more alarms. Finally, you will require a heat alarm in your kitchen area too. This is the most appropriate place for this device considering the amount of heat production within a kitchen. Fire alarm installers Kilmarnock have your safety at heart and will ensure that these devices are installed error-free.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Please note that if you have a carbon-fuelled appliance within your property, a carbon monoxide detector is a must-have. Also known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide can be lethal when inhaled in large doses. This alarm is most likely to come in the form of a sealed battery alarm.

Types of Alarms

It is important to know that your interlinked alarm system can come in two forms. If you opt for a mains-powered alarm, this will be connected to your main electricity. Whereas, if you choose a sealed battery alarm, this will require lithium batteries. It is important to consider both options before conducting the installation process.

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Let’s Keep Our Town and Our Residents Safe

These rules and regulations have been put into place following the consequences of major fire outbreaks. More specifically, the repercussions of the Grenfell Tower tragedy were extensive back in 2017. So, we all must play our part and ensure that we are educated in fire safety measures. These regulations have been put in place to follow. So, do not ignore them. Kilmarnock town is the 15th most populated place in Scotland, so let’s all play our part as a community and educate one another on the benefits of the new interlinked system.  

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