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Following the tragic effects of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Scottish Government has decided to increase fire safety measures. The new law requires every property within Scotland to have an interlinked fire alarm system within their home by February 1st, 2022. If you do not have this within your property after this date, do not panic. Fire alarm installers Elgin would be more than happy to assist with the installation process.

What is the Interlinked Fire Alarm System Installed by Fire Alarm Installers Elgin?

As mentioned, these new rules are regulations have been set into place following the Grenfell Tower catastrophe. This detrimental tragedy began from a malfunctioning fridge freezer on the fourth floor. Although over two hundred residents managed to escape the property, others were not as fortunate. With over seventy injured, and sadly over seventy people killed, more accurate fire alarms could have reduced these numbers. 

With the installation of the interlinked fire alarm system, everyone within a property will be able to hear the alarm sound no matter where they are. The interlinked system consists of around two to three devices across the home. This depends on the size of the property and how many levels it may be.  

For example, if your home is a one-level property, you will need one alarm within the main room, and one alarm within the circulation area. That will be the hallway or landing area. If your home is a two-storey property, you will need one alarm within the main room, an alarm within the downstairs hallway/circulation area, and an alarm within the upstairs hallway/circulation area. Alongside these alarms, a heat detector will be placed on the kitchen ceiling. This way, when one alarm sounds, they all will. That means that they will be heard across the property to minimise fire casualties and fatalities. 

Types of Alarm System

It is important to acknowledge whether you would prefer your alarm system to be a mains-wired or sealed battery alarm. There are different features to both alarms so it would be wise to discuss this with a member of our team if you are unsure.  

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

If your home features a carbon-fuelled appliance, a carbon monoxide detector is vital. For example, this would include a boiler or gas appliance. This gas has no scent or taste and can be extremely harmful when consumed in large doses. It is known as the silent killer. Did you know that around 60 deaths in the UK, per year, are related to carbon monoxide gas? It is better to be safe than sorry. Although this alarm is not directly connected with the interlinked fire alarm system, it is still a must-have. 

Let’s keep Scotland and our residents safe, and follow the new rules set in place. 

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