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Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Inverness have complete faith in the city and people of Inverness, however, we also know just how ubiquitous crime is and that it is important to be protected against every eventuality, especially when the stakes are so high. The damaging effect of crime cannot be understated, not only does it physically affect you, but has a marked psychological impact. The physical impact is massive, be that by the cost of repairing items that were broken as a result of the break-in such as doors or windows or even the cost of replacing the locks. As mentioned, crime also psychologically affects you and causes a massive decrease in how safe you feel at home as well as your general peace of mind.

So, if the stakes are so high, then it is clearly important to ensure that your home security level is up to scratch and capable of dealing with any potential security threat. With Titus Alarm and CCTV Inverness, it has never been easier to install a home security system or bolster and strengthen an existing system. Further, we are a skilled home security system company capable of installing and also repairing any security system that is currently available and currently used. We service both residential and commercial properties and, in our time operating in Inverness, we have helped many small business owners protect their businesses and livelihoods from any adverse events, to ensure that the local economy and sense of community thrives.

Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Inverness -range of services

Of course, what is a good security company without an extensive and high-quality range of services that cover any and all eventualities and possibilities. Further, Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Inverness can carry out any security-related work, such as the brand new installation of a CCTV or alarm system, we can also service and perform regular maintenance on existing systems as well as provide options on how to strengthen old, worn or existing systems, to guarantee that hour security is always up to scratch.

Further, just some of the types of CCTV cameras we supply, and install are; standard definition cameras, high-definition cameras, 4K cameras, infra-red night vision cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras, discreet cameras, wireless cameras and much more.

Moreover, Titus Alarm and CCTV Installation Inverness  range of security alarms is equally as broad, including; audible only alarms, auto-dialling alarms, monitored alarms, dummy alarms, wireless alarms and much more.

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In our view, the best trait that we at Titus Alarm and CCTV Inverness have is that we are local, which gives us an unbeatable knowledge of the local area and populations, which allows us to know exactly what the most common threats to your security are likely to be, as well as the best methods on dealing with these challenges and what has been effective in the past for previous customers. No amount of money can buy the other companies the same level of local knowledge and experience that we have. We are the best CCTV and alarm installer in Inverness so call us today!

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