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Our number one priority is always ensuring your property is as secure as possible at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Chatham.  Due to being a local business with over 13 years of experience we have become well known across that Chatham area. 

All of our systems are extremely user friendly and our technicians will give you a full demonstration on how to work it. After we have installed your alarm system we will give you all relevant paperwork stating you as the sole owner. Therefore you can be assured we have no hidden fees or obligations. 

Give us a call on 01634 563 318

Servicing at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Chatham

To ensure your alarm system is fully operating we highly advise you to have regular service checks. A fully working system is vital for your safety, and is often a requirement in most insurance policies. In order to be eligible for an insurance claim your alarm most likely has to be in full working condition, with an up to date warranty guarantee. 

Our skilled engineers at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Chatham can easily inspect and test your alarm system during a free call-out service. Thus allowing us to find any issues that may be there, such as damaged cables etc. During our maintenance services we also supply you with a new replacement battery. Therefore  allowing you to have peace of mind. 

Why you should choose Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Chatham

All of our systems are tailored specifically to suit your needs and property at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Chatham. For example, we can easily cater for you if you have pets by installing pet sensors. As well as this, we have designed an app which provides you with remote viewing access. Meaning you can monitor your property using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

We promise to provide you with a timely and friendly service as our engineers are all fully accredited. When installing your alarm system we guarantee there will be minimal disruption to your property, as well as no mess left behind. 

Regardless of your needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote. On top of that, all clients aged 65 or over will receive a 10% discount.

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Whether you require a new alarm system, or you’re having issues with your current system please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always more than happy to help you, regardless of your needs.

Give us a call on 01634 563 318.

About Chatham

Long ago, Chatham was a little community on the river’s edge. Because of its strategically protected location between London and the Continent by the 16th century, Jillingham Water (Gillingham) was being used to dock vessels. Queen Elizabeth I founded it as a Royal Dockyard in 1568, and the majority of the dockyard is located in Gillingham. It was a base for refitting ships before becoming a shipyard, and from that time until the late 19th century, the yard continued to grow. Thousands of workers were employed at the dockyard during its heyday, and hundreds of ships, notably the HMS Victory, which was constructed there in the 1760s, were launched there. In Chatham Dockyard, several submarines were also constructed following World War I.

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